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Thread: Temps all mixed up...because of supplements or not?

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    Default Temps all mixed up...because of supplements or not?

    hi everyone,
    I am fairly new to charting - only my 3rd month. I saw a nathapath and she said 'don't use a thermometer in your mouth because if you have an infection it will effect it'.

    well, I have been using a digital ear thermometer and getting sick of the sometimes different readings. However, I have started to take Vitex (my 3rd month) and also taking Kelp tablets (Iodine) because of a thyroid imbalance - again advised by my nathapath. I know that Iodine does raise temp but my temp has NOT gone below 36.7 since AF 11 days it is currently 37.2 and I have not ovulated yet.

    Sorry, this is all a bit too much info I know. I did buy a BBT thermometer today and plan to use it on my next cycle (in the mouth despite what the Nathapath said).

    I wonder what my temps will be like once I have ovulated?? It will like a sanua in my body!
    thanks for any insights you may have

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    The best place to take your temp (though its not exactly glamorous!) is vaginally. Because it can't be effected by mouth breathing or talking (mouth temps) or sleeping or a certain side (ear temps). This is what my FS said to me anyway.

    You temps will rise if you have an infection anyway, whether you take mouth or ear or vaginally, so I'm not really sure what your naturopath means...

    I know that thyroid problems are charaterised by low BBT, so I thought maybe your temps before taking the kelp have been lower because they were abnormal? And these are your usual temps? Though they do seem high... did your naturopath say that you HAD an infection? That might explain high temps?

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    thanks heaps for your reply. I have just received the wonderful book 'taking charge of your fertility' and this is really helping me. Temps do seem quite high and i think I have ovulated or just about to. My Temp has risen a little.
    I think I will just use the BBT thermometer next cycle and see how things go from there.

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