I try to take my temps as soon as I wake in the morning. Something I have noticed is that if I wake with a start from a dream (in the morning) and I take my temp straight away, it is higher than if I lie there and wait a few mintues. For example: something woke me from a dream this morning and it was time to get up. I took my temp straight away and it was 36.3 (it has been 36.0 the last couple of mornings). I waited for 5 minutes just lying quietly in bed and then took it again. It ws 36.0 that time. I am on CD10 and not due to 'O' for 4 or 5 days yet. This has happened before when I have been woken from a dream.

Do you think that it is the dream state that is making my temp slightly higher (brain activity)? Which reading should I go by? The first one or the second. Just to let you know, when I wake and I haven't been dreaming my temp tends to be on the lower side (except of course after I've 'O'd.

Another thing, I was woken from a really deep sleep stage one morning by my daughter and when I took my temp it was really low (35.9). Again, nothing to do with 'O'. I guess my body was really shut down then.
Has anybody else ever noticed this kind of thing?

Sorry to pick your brains.