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Thread: what is going on with my body?

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    Default what is going on with my body?

    iv only just started getting into this hcarting thing and have been going off fertility charts my last period finished on the 29th of may, according to my fertility chart my fertile stage started on the 31st making me at my most fertile stage now and am menat to ovulate tomorrow however yesterday i started bleeding it was med-heavy and i noticed it was quite clotty in the toilet sorry for the graphic detail , does anyone have any ideas as to what is what is going on? should i go to the doctor?

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    Various things can infulence your fertility cycle, such as stopping birth control recently, so you may find that things can take a while before you develop a pattern.
    Also it mean little as to when you finished your AF, but more importantly when did it commenence as that is CD1. A text book cycle is AF starts =CD1, Ov about CD14, LP= 14days then you would either get AF about CD28 or hopefully a BFP.
    The bleeding mid cycle could be AF (again) if your coming off BC or possible Ov or implantation.

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