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Thread: whats more important - temp or cm

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    mooshie Guest

    Question whats more important - temp or cm

    just wondering as i start the tww lol - what is more important in respect of charting - temp or cm observation

    ff gave me a coverline on cd16 and i can see why as i had a temp drop, however i had ewcm on day 18. i don't use a bbt, i use a braur thermoscan ear thermometre.

    also we didn't bd on day 16 but every other day around it lol, but now i am feeling a bit low because after ttc for 11 mths bd on ovulation day would give me extra hope lol.

    my link to my chart is at the bottom of my ticker, if anyone wants to have a look - arhh see what happens to you in the tww - i go crazy analysing everything. i guess now i will trawl through charts and look for comparing charts resulting in a bfp - am i obsessed, nah never pmsl.

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    My guess would be CM - if I were in doubt between my temps and the CM and I'd stick with the CM. Only because there are so many things that can throw your temps out that have nothing to do with your fertility, but you won't usually have fertile CM unless you're fertile

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    goldilocks Guest


    Hi Mooshie

    I just had a look at your chart. I believe that you O'd on CD16, especially given the significant temperature drop.

    I never went by my CM when TTC. To tell you the truth, I have only just found out that I'm pregnant and this cycle I had absolutely NO EWCM! I stopped taking the OCP in February and had a tiny tiny tiny amount of EWCM one day in March and that was it! So my temps were the only thing I had to go by.

    I wasn't even sure that I'd O'd this cycle because I didn't see any EWCM, but the rise in my temp confirmed O...and obviously my two BFPs this morning! :P

    I wouldn't be so worried if CD16 is the day you O'ed. You BD'ed on CD14, CD15 and CD17 so you're in with an excellent chance!!!

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you and hope that you get a BFP very very soon


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    Dandelion Guest


    I'd say CM is more important as well... although it can be innacurate... hmm..

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    hey moosh i would stick to monitoring both cm and temperature.

    i get ewcm around ovulation and then again a week later. (weird i know) and yes i know temps can be misleading sometimes too so imo, thats why its better to cover all your bases....temps, cm and opks

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