This is my first cycle back since the birth of my DD. I am still breastfeeding up to 4 times a day, so I am not convinced that I ovulated on day 14.

Yesterday I took a HPT and got a so I am over the moon, but I am wondering what the day of conception was, so I can be accurate with my dates.

I don't want to be induced if I go over my due date, if my due date is not accurate! I went to 41 weeks with DD and I was positive of conception date that time.

I am going to the dr today to get a quantitative blood test so I can get the HCG number, which may help and I am also going to ask for a dating scan, but last time, all of the scans put me a week ahead of what I know I was supposed to be (I guess I just had a big baby). If I had of listened to them I would have had a different due date, and therefore been under a lot of pressure to go into labour as I didn't want to be induced.

I know that the 'maybe baby' can be a little bit messy when breastfeeding, and my CM was a bit shotty too, so I am interested to see what some of you think as my day of conception.