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Thread: 3 year old going to child care

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    Post 3 year old going to child care

    Hello! I have a wonderful son who is three years old. he is a only child and an only grandchild so it's safe to say he is safe to say he is a little bit spoilt. He is caring, loving and generally well behaved but i have noticed as he is becoming a little man that he is getting a bit demanding and bossy, so i am starting to worry about his social skills. I am looking to send him to child care once or twice a week so he can mix with other children as he rarely does now. He is not overly clingy to me but likes to make sure i'm around. he is never shy around adults but can be around children. So i am worried about him being left there without his mum and how he will cope. Is sending him to child care a good idea? Any advice?

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    Hi Jarreds mum
    All child care centres should have transition visits to start with so you would be there for a few hours with him! then as he gets used to the idea of playing with others and used to the carers you can leave him! no doubt there will be tears! but once your out of sight they usually only cry for a few minutes!
    child care is a good option for some, but not for others!
    check out your local centres and what they offer!!
    My son goes 3 days a week(although i work there)
    good luck

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    Hi Jarred's Mum.

    I'm looking at sending my 2 year old DD to 1 or 2, 3 hour kindy sessions a week from early next year. Have you thought about a kindy session? Are they available in your area?

    DD is an only child and pretty reserved, so I'm a little worried how she will adapt. I have a friend who has a son around the same age, so we are going to try and send them together. I feel good about the Kindy sessions, 'cause I guess they will be kept very busy and will benefit from the structured learning environment. Here's hoping anyway!!

    I went to kindy with my cousin and I only have very fond and clear memories of it. I don't have as many memories of Pre-school.

    Let us know how you go.

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    From my personal experience I would say yes.
    Mason was very shy and not coping with 3yo kinder so we made the decision to put him in creche for one day a week as well.
    It was hard for the first few weeks as he would get very clingy. It didn't take long before he would be asking to go play with the kids.

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    Hi Jarred's mum,
    Have you tried going to Playgroup? This could be a good start - as he will be able to socialise with other children.

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    At 3 years old,pre-schools would take him for however many days you think was needed.
    I just started my daughter in October '06,at 3 1/2..and she loves it! if i had known,i would have sent her 6 months before hand!

    I guess also depending on how much you would be willing to spend for pre-school,but my daughters teachers said that most kids only need 2 days a week to really have a good turn around of any 'issues'and get ready to go to school.

    Of course,they could go more days if wanted/needed,and then it also gives you a break,and a break from each other for a few hours.

    My daughter started by just going their half-day Thursdays(9am-1pm)but in the new term and for the rest of the school year she'll be going both Thursdays and full day Friday(9am-3pm) and that suits me/us just fine!

    Gives me a break and a chance to get a few things done while she's at pre-school.
    She has loads of fun,gets to play with other kids,learns to listen to others apart from me..and nothing like a big huge 'Mummy!'and cuddles when i go pick her up.

    So yeah,ive had nothing but a positive experience with the i would highly recommend that!
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    I agree. Talia started Daycare about 6 months ago and she absolutely loves it. She is an only child as well and wasn't getting much contact with other kids. She is a mummys girl but first day there she just waltzed off to play in the sandpit. I told her I was going and she just waved at me said "Bye mum" and that was it. No tears or tantrums. The owner of the child care was a bit stunned as she said there is usually some tears the first day but no Talia was too excited and loves every day she goes.
    She goes 2 days a week which I find is better than one which she started with. So I reckon go for it. The teachers will soon tell you if the don't think he's coping or needs you to hang around for abit. Ohh and enjoy the break you get and don't spend the whole time stressing about how they are going. :P

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