thread: Child Care Centres - Canning Vale WA

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    Nov 2006

    Child Care Centres - Canning Vale WA

    Hi Everyone

    I will be moving to WA around July this year and wanted to see if anyone could recommend any child care centres around Canning Vale in Perth. My DD will be getting close to 2, and will probably have her in care for 2 days a week.

    She absoloutly loves her current child care. They have the same carers in her room everyday so it is consistent, which makes her feel very comfortable. So, this is a pretty important factor for me.

    Any advice / experiences both positive and negative would be really appreciated.

    Also, what are the waitling list times like in Perth. I know here in Canberra you can easily be on a list for a year plus.


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    Jul 2009

    Sorry, my daycare was in Melville.

    Did you get daycare?

    DO you work a couple of days per week?