thread: Child care spot- but feels wrong..

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    katanya Guest

    Child care spot- but feels wrong..

    hmm I just went down to visit our local child care planning on putting Felix's name down for next year and they have a spot 3 days a week, I went through to the babies room to ask questions and I don't know..the space is fine, the staff seem okay, but the babies all looked so spaced out..maybe it was because they'd all woken up after a nap, I don't know but they just looked spaced out..

    I just am not sure whethe my feelings are because I am worried about putting him there so young or a feeling about the place..

    how do I tell?

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    katanya Guest

    trouble is there is only 1 childcare up here, but the children looked so unhappy..I also have worked in childcare with children with disabilities..and have seen the what goes on behind closed doors..

    I think you are right Jillian, if I leave him there maybe I will regret it and that is not a good start for first childcare..

    I was thinking of booking him in at 2, but when the placement was offered now I thought perhaps I should start him earlier (he is a very socialised little boy, I don't think he'd have a problem) it's more me.. 8-[

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    katanya Guest

    what age did you start Lochie?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Gosh thats hard if you only have one to go to. There seems to be a childcare place on every corner down here !

    When I started Uni this year I had to find somewhere in a hurry for Cait, only one day a week, who was three at the time and was happy to get in at the closest place, about a five minute walk from home.

    I was never 100% happy with it - they watched a lot of TV, the menu and snacks were not the best, the staff were very young, they had nothing on paper that I could show my partner about the place, it was dark, there was NO security to get into the place ... but all I had heard about was how hard it was to find a place in a center.

    I saw an ad for the ABC centers about a month ago and rang the closest looking for a monday or tuesday and they had a monday vacancy. I went there and was given a tour by the director and nearly cried. The place is AMAZING ! Big and bright, they eat better than we do at home, the carers have planning time, they keep all these notes on your child during the day. I pulled her out of the first place that day.

    I plan on taking next year off Uni, and will go back in 2007 at which time, number 2 will be about 15 months and hopefully they will go there and Cait will be at school.


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    katanya Guest

    I don't ahve to work during the week or anything yet, I work weekends, but as Felix is so active now I thought I might have a day to get things done(my mum looks after him now but she is going travelling for 6 months soon) DP and I decided this one is not the way to go..

    We have another kindergarten but it's only from 3-5 years, and he is only 14 mths..I am going to look into that..otherwise I am going to look down the mountain there si one I once work in that I know is HEAPS better than this one..I couldn't believe they'd get acrediation with it!!

    I said to DP that the babies looked so unhappy, and he remarked that's childcare kids for you, I don't agree I've seen plenty of happy kids at child care, but the babies room with all under 2 they just looked lost..I am not sure I want to send him at this age..

    Perhaps if I walk into a centre and they are all playing and happy I'd feel different..

    Can you believe they charge $45 for this place?

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Kimberley also goes to a ABC centre and would not send her anywhere else.

    I loved it when she came home at Christams with a book full of pictures and what she has done that year.

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    katanya Guest

    I have a feeling that the centre that I'm thinking of is an ABC now,they were independant but don't think they do lunches, it has a great playground and huge rooms, the junior kindy and senior is separate (this one I looked a had the tiniest playground)I like the idea of lunches being provided (as I it would help Felix's eating to watch the other kids eating the same thing)

    thanks for thour feedback, even though I work with children I feel really lost picking a childcare from my point of view as a parent now..

    Anyhow backto the drawing board..