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    Hello, I am new to this site. we are looking for some advice on childcare, long day childcare in the city of Stonnington. Any experiences or current enrollment advice would certainly help for our baby due later this year.

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    Your local council (or maternal and child health) should be able to provide you with contact details for all the non-commercial childcare centres in your area.

    I am not sure how busy/full childcare is in Stonnington. I work on St Kilda Road, and the closest council run long daycare centre to me is in fawkner park (city of melb. though). They have a 250+ waiting list.

    The ones near me were half empty (but a lot are fuller now) so thats where I sent my son. I could have been naughty and used my brother addresst o queue jump to the centre near work, but I couldnt do that to the families who really do live there.
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    We used both Princes Close and Hornbrook centres which are run by Stonnington Council. Admittedly this was 5/6 years ago but they were both FABULOUS

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