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Thread: Childcare centre where parents can see child all the time?

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    I'm an early childhood teacher as well and I cringe at the thought of people watching me all day. I hae nothing to hide, but to think I was under scrutiny all day at work would be too much pressure. I owuld feel really self concious (sp?) as well.
    Also, there are some people who think they're children are angels and could in no way do anything wrong and seeing me reprimand their child for things would be too much. I just think it would be creating conflict between families and carers at times.

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    As a few people have said, if you want to be watching your child that much - don't put them in childcare. I am a mother who totally trusts the childcare centre and workers I have my DD in, but as Blizz says, I would not trust the other 30 parents who could watch my child (as well as theirs on a webcam) let alone the people that they may let have access to the webcam. It is a privacy issue for both carers and other children.

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    Web-camming kids makes it easier for paedophiles who use the internet to find them but it is simultaneously foolish to think the real risks are from strange internet pervs. If your child is at risk it is probably from someone they know very well.

    I agree that if (like me) you're not happy with not knowing exactly what your kid did all day, then childcare is not for you. It is unreasonable to ask child care workers to work under constant scrutiny, they are already responsible for the children and accountable for their mistakes, why add to the pressure by making them under surveillance too? As for the safety of the kids...well what if little Jimmy's dad beat the heck out of his mum and him so they ran away and hid and now Jimmy's daddy's friend, who coincidentally has a kid in the same childcare centre, has found him on the website? And to have it legal they'd have to have an opt-out clause. This would mean at least 2 rooms for every class, one camerad and one not, and double the staff to cover the rooms. I can see the costs exploding. SOunds a bad idea to be honest.

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    Good points Hoobley. And imagine if you were a well known high profile person/ celebrity. Oh what fun the media would have with this free bit of public information. Just because you would need a password to view the rooms/children doesn't stop people misusing it. Are the media ever that polite?

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    Hi ladies!

    Very interesting answers!! I guess we have a different point of view; this might be due to diverse cultural backgrounds.

    I don't really follow the (concern) privacy issues of other parents watching my child as this can happen ANYWHERE, other people can watch my child at parks, beaches, outside my house etc.... At childcare centres, kids are (dressed) playing, singing, etc.. I don't think there is anything wrong to be able to see my child whenever I want; in saying that I don't mean 24/7

    If childcare staff are not doing anything wrong then I guess there wouldn't be an issue of having a camera on....
    In all shopping centres, airports, train stations etc... there are cameras recording all the time; people work there without having any problems because of this.

    In regards to your answers about other people hacking the website:
    if someone takes the trouble of hacking the childcare website means he/she has the possibility to hack any other sites (any other website with more children on it) or now that I'm thinking there might not be the need to hack anything as anyone can watch a lot of videos of children at youtube or see pictures of children in flickr ...

    I believe in Sydney there are some parents that think like me and see nothing wrong to be able to watch their kid whenever....anyway I was just asking if this type of childcare was available in Sydney.

    Thank you for your answers!!

    My post here was to find out

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