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Thread: Childcare recommendations in coomera/goldcoast area

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    Default Childcare recommendations in coomera/goldcoast area

    I have a boy who is 3 1/2years and I am looking for a good childcare centre for him to attend a couple of days a week. We currently live in upper coomera and I don't really know anything about the centres in the area. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi There

    I live in Upper Coomera also and I send my girls to Beattie Rd Childrens Centre (right near Dreamworld) it's a great kindy it's been open for 15 years, mature staff and it backs onto a farm so kids see the cows and ducks etc and they have chickens at the centre atm hatching. It's not the flashest place (as it has been open a long time) but my girls love it and I have been very fussy with kindy's (this is the 4th centre they have been to) I have also heard good things about Bonny Babes it's on Yaun St Coomera
    Hope that helps

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