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Thread: Childcare - Wynnum/Manly/Lota/Hemmant area

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    Red face Childcare - Wynnum/Manly/Lota/Hemmant area

    I have absolutely no idea on how to go about all this childcare business.. I'll be working in Hemmant, live in Manly West. I still want to be able to b/f. I'm going to be the one with the most separation anxiety. I know nothing about the Child Care Rebate/ Tax Benefit and don't really know where there are any day care. I rang the FDC in Manly and Wynnum, and they don't have any places.

    I'm about to ring Centrelink about the ccr / tax thing (and other stuff!)

    Its possible I start back to work this month (interview with another "department" at work tomorrow - my position in my "department" I was starting back mid july - my preference).

    I'm nervous, scared, upset, devestated and excited.... more-so the first 4.

    Anyone know of good care in this area? Or how to help me thru this?

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    Rhianon, there are heaps of centres in the area, but you might have to wait a while for a place. There is an ABC just off Wynnum Rd where that new seafood shop is between Wynnum Plaza and Belmont Rd. There's another one just behind the Belmont Rd shops. There is also a centre almost next to Wynnum Plaza, one on Manly Rd I think from memory and one in Murarrie, just off Wynnum Rd opposite Cannon Hill Plaza. There is a number you can call to get a listing of them all, try googling childcare + brisbane and hopefully you'll find it. It's a govt dept but I can't think of the name. They might also be able to help you out with other FDC in the area. There are likely to be some that aren't part of Wynnum FDC.

    Otherwise you might have to widen your area to find one with a vacancy. Try Cannon Hill, Coorparoo etc if need be. You could always move him later to somewhere closer if you get a spot.


    ETA - It gets easier once you've gotten past the first week. The thought of it is worse than the actual doing IMO. Try not to stress too much.

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    hi Scone

    I have dont the rounds at tingalpa and i found the one i like best for nursery was King of the castle (on manly rd and castlerae).

    How old is your bub?
    I have booked DD in for 1 day a week and i know they have mondays and friday free atm.

    How many days a week do you need.

    As for the CCB you just call centrelink - they wil check your predicted income and give you a percentage you are elligble for and how many hours per week. You will then recieve a letter from them and you have to give these details to the child care you choose. you then pay the reduced rate.

    I have heard a lot of girls like one centre at hemmant. cant htink if the name there though

    btw - the ABC at belmont doesnt have a nursery so no less than 12 months

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