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    Can anyone give me a rough estimate of the cost of montesorri schooling (Perth). I currently have DD in daycare one day a week and am wondering whether I should swap her to montesorri schooling. Also can you send them only one day a week, of is it fultime?


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    Will's Montessori pre-school, which is 2 sessions a week (12 30 to 3pm), is $595 per term. We are in south australia, and he started there at 3. It is a pre-school only, not a day care. The children can attend with a parent, in playgroup, from 1 1/2- 2 1/2, then for transition, 1 session a week, then start pre-school at 3.

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    Mya-Rose goes to a montessori daycare. She only attends one day a week & it is the same cost as daycare, $55 a day. U can get the childcare rebate from centrelink for it aswell. I'm in QLD, so i'm not sure about Perth.

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    My son Nicholas attendeds Riverlands Montessori in Perth (swan valley).

    It costs $910 per term (part time) and around $1060 a term (full time).

    They also have a playgroup which is one morning a week for $60 a term.

    As for only one day a week I'm not exactly sure. Nicholas attends part time and goes Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri from 9am-12:30pm.

    I know of several people who have their child there for different parts of the day, so maybe give the school a call and just ask.

    Hope that helps and good luck

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