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    wallabywoo Guest

    Daycare Centres in Chatswood & Lane Cove

    Hi everyone,

    We're looking for care for our 2yo DS for next year, and visiting a few centres at the moment to try to find one suitable.

    Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on the following centres:-

    Little Rascals, Lane Cove
    Devonshire St Children's Centre, Chatswood
    Possum's Corner, Lane Cove

    or any other centres that you would recommend or advise to steer clear of in the area? Please feel free to PM me if you would rather not post comments here.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    I can highly reccommend Devonshire st. I used to work there and it is one centre I would very happily send my DD to, if only we still lived out there!

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    wallabywoo Guest

    Hi Kellieem,

    Thanks so much for that - great to hear some positive feedback as it is one of the centres that we'd heard some good things about and are hoping we'll be offered a place there. I've been on their waiting list for 2.5 years can you believe!!! It seems it's very popular!!

    Out of interest, how long ago did you work there? I've heard they've had a change of director & a couple of staff changes recently, so wondered what the staff turnover was like, although I suppose it would be no worse than other centres.

    Do you think that community/council run daycares are "better" for want of another word than other corporate-type centres? Do the staff tend to have more freedom and time to spend with children due to less constraints and reporting requirements?

    Also, would you happen to know what the ratios are? My son would be going into the toddler room ie: 2-3's, and I think they said the ratio was 3 carers for approximately 16 children. Just wondering if that would be 3 full-time carers or 2full-time and 1 part-time?

    Sorry for the twenty questions LOL!!! Would greatly appreciate any other insights or advice you might be able to offer!

    Thanks again!

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    Feb 2006
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    Ask away!!

    I worked there a while ago, about 4yrs now, but I do still keep in contact with some of the girls who work there. They are still happy there and have not said anything to me about the changes, so I can only assume all is still well. Yes, the waiting list has always been huge. I think that's just a reflection on the centre's reputation. When I worked there and as far as I know since, staff turnover is pretty good. While I was there not many people left except for five people, and that was due to them moving states, pregnancy or them getting higher qualifications and wanting to get higher positions. I worked there for 5yrs. Yes I do think council or community centres are better, due to the fact they are run for the centre, families and children, not for profit of the owners. While I worked at the centre the ratios were great. There is and extra staff member in each room, as well as the floater and the director who is available if needed. In the toddler room, the ratios are 1 carer to 8 children, so that if there is 16 children only 2 carers are technically needed but at this centre, there are 3. This centre is an excellent centre, and the council is great too. If I could have I would not have left, except for the fact that I'd just gotten married and we wanted to buy a home and couldn't afford to buy in Chatswood or surrounds. I was very sad to leave.
    If you do choose this centre, let me know how you go. Good luck it is a very difficult decision as to who to trust your baby with.

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    wallabywoo Guest

    Kellieem - thanks so much for your reply. Your feedback confirms what I had heard about the centre's good reputation & has really put my mind at ease. Now I just have to hope that we get an offer for next year!! Thanks again.

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    I can highly recommend Nicky's Kids Town at Lane Cove (there is a Nickys Kids town at Chatswood and St Leonards also) where I take Julia to. Its new been open since July I think, and is not full at the moment and the ratio to kids to babies is at the moment 1 to 3 which is great, they take care of Julia so well and are so friendly, everything is clean and open and spacious and they do a great job.

    ETA - happy to answer any questions via PM.

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