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    Does anyone use Hutchisons Child Care centres ??

    I think we have one opening up 15 mins walk from my house and would like to hear from anyone what they are like.

    At the moment Kimberley goes to an ABC Child Care Centre trouble is it's a 20mins drive and now with having Alex i have to plan taking and picking Kimberley up around him sleeping and feeding. I have heard they are going to build one closer to me but not sure when.

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    Kamerons godmother works in one and have only heard good reviews from her. Also one is opening next door to Kindy here and I know a couple of parents that are taking their kids there. If they werent' doing their job well they wouldn't have the money to keep opening new places.


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    Thanks for that Kathryn i will take a look when it opens and see what i think.

    I know Paul's cousin took her little girl to one and she hated it and would not go that's why i was really asking wanted to see what other mums thought.

    At the moment i think it could be a Hutchisons but i could be wrong until they put a sign up saying what it is I really don't know.

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    If you want to check one out there is an open day at the Paralowie one next to the kindy, this coming Tuesday. Most of them are pretty much the same and are the same price wise, at least then you could get an idea of what they are like.


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