View Poll Results: With unlimited money, who would look after your child?

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  • A daycare centre

    6 10.71%
  • A nanny

    2 3.57%
  • I'd not work and stay at home

    31 55.36%
  • A mix of daycare and a nanny

    5 8.93%
  • A mix of homecare and childcare

    10 17.86%
  • Grandparents

    2 3.57%
  • Other

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Thread: Nanny or DayCare?

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    Default Nanny or DayCare?

    This is a poll to see what BellyBelly Members think about childcare. Imagine you were not restrained by money - what method of childcare would you opt for?

    Discuss why you chose this option!
    Kelly xx

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    Tashword Guest


    I'd use some childcare to give my girls the social interaction and experience of different activites at a centre. It can also be useful to separate before getting to kinde/school!

    Regardless of money, I'd still need some tim eout, too, so childcare is good for us all in that sense!

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    Oh i voted the other day/week but forgot to say why.

    If I had all the money in the world I'd still wouldn't put Kameron into day care, I love having him home. I guess I might think differently when there is another baby to look after as well. We shall see.


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    HipBubbyMama Guest


    I wouldnt put Liam in daycare if it werent for making money. I work from home mostly, and he spends only one morning every one-three weeks in daycare. He gets plenty of social interation from going everywhere with me-we have a busy life and go out every day, and spend lots of time meeting up with friends with kids, playgroup etc. Having said this, I dont believe a moderate amount of time in daycare is bad, it depends on the individual child and situation.

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    jilly Guest

    Default Daycare

    I voted for a bit of both. Although I love being at home, I think that kids and mums benefit from a bit of a break. Emma loves going to day care, she does all the fun, messy things there, and also plays well and shares her things. My two older kids (13 and 10) both went to day care, and adjusted really well to school. Another consideration that I have when choosing care, is whether my child will be safe. I work in the Police Dept, and I am PARANOID about who cares for my children. In my opinion, there is always safety in numbers, and provided your day care centre is doing the proper screening, I think this offers the best protection. You just can't be too careful when it comes to child care. Jill.

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    Pietta Guest


    I voted for a bit of both as well. I havent had bub yet but I think after about 18 months or when bub can communicate and walk, i would like a mixture of day care/ home care- grandparents and me staying at home.
    I would hate to think i would be a stay at home Mum totally coz I got a uni degree to have personal fulfillment with a career and making a difference to the world and I think I would be a good role model for my bub if I am there for them when they need me (working school hours or only 3 days per week) and being a great Mum but also fulfilling my self needs of being Peita. I would hope this would give my bub time to get to know his/her grandparents and create a close relationship with them, plus going to daycare/homecare i think it helps them socially. I want my bub to not be afraid to go away from me and try new things. (this obviously wouldnt be at 1 1/2!)
    But like I said I havent had Bubs yet so all this theory is wonderful and great, but until I have bub I probably shouldnt comment! :P

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    Well this bubs will be going to day care when it is about 4 months old for 2 or 3 days a week.

    Ryan has said that if I want to stay home then I can but I have choosen to go back part time for a few reasons ...

    1) I spent 7 yrs studying so that I could have a career and be able to make a difference.

    2) I am a teacher and I love my very unstressful job. I make a commitment to each and every class that I have. I have 15 5/6 yr olds who I worry about when I am not there.

    3) Because I am a teacher I get school holidays and therefore get time off to spend with my kids. Emma & Jack go to their Dad's each holidays so it will be an opportunity for me to spend time with bubs one on one which I got to do with my other 2.

    4) I have no family close by that can help to look after bubs and Emma & Jack already go to a great day care centre (and have done since we moved to Perth) where I know all the staff and they know me. Emma & Jack go for before and after school care and the staff are all waiting eagerly to meet bubs!!!

    and last but not least ...

    5) I have done the stay at home mum thing ... when my XH & I left Adelaide to further HIS career I stayed home and looked after Emma and then had Jack and looked after him. They both used to go to day care 2 afternoons a week so I could study. When I moved back to Adelaide I finished my teaching degree and went back to work and LOVED it. Don't get me wrong I love my kids to pieces but I go stir crazy being at home 7 days a week!!! I love my job and really look forward to the me time I get there.

    Wow ... seems to be something I can waffle on about LOL.


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    Pietta Guest


    Kelly if you ever need a break, i am happy to baby sit!! I know you dont know me (lol) but maybe we can catch up coz I have B.Ed Primary too and I am ay uni still doing Business now, so i have some spare time until bubs is born. Let me know what you think!!

    I am a normal person with no psycho tendencies I promise!!

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    If I had no money worries, then there would be no need for me to work (not that I work now anyway! 8-[ )
    I just couldn't put my son in daycare if I was able to be at home with him all day every day. I would probably use that extra money to take him with me & DP to Gymboree and swimming lessons etc!!

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    Kimberley goes to day-care once a week just so i can have a break.
    With no family around to help it was the only thing i could do.

    She loves going also and it has helped with her development.

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    I chose homecare and childcare. Reasons are:

    -Spend time with her
    -Get to know her more
    -Get to see her firsts. (eg laugh, crawl etc)
    -Something to do so i don't get bored

    -Have some time to myself 1-2 days a week
    -So she can have a social life
    -So she can make friends other than with me
    -So she's no so scared to leave me all the time, even if only for a few hours

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    When I had Ashlea i thought i would never put her in day care unless i really needed to, like so i could work. But when she was about 10 months old i put her in for one day a week cause she was bored at home with me. we always did fun things like painting and playing but she needed interaction with other kids. She LOVED other kids. Day care has been brilliant for her. Now she is in 2 days a week, cause i study and work and do the single mum thing so i dont have a choice any way.
    From a personal point, I have worked in a child care centre and as a private nanny, and i dont think i would ever leave Ash with a nanny. There are some really brilliant nanny's out there, but i know first hand how easy it was to get into the nanny agencies. You provide a few ref's, a police check and act nice and your in. I did temp work where i would met the parents for 15 mins before they left and suddenly in charge of their kids. Just seems you can't trust people with everything going on in the world at the moment.
    Having said all that, i adored working with kids and loved nannying, although it got a little too much being surrounded by kids 24/7 after i had Ashlea. She used to come to work with me.
    At least at a child care centre its by law that there are two people in the room at all time (never happens all the time but meant to) Therefore there are always other people around, most of the time.
    I had an impossible time picking a day care for Ash because i'd see things that Ashlea's dad wouldnt, and walk out complaining about everything i didnt like, and the things that they did 'wrong' just from working in centres before.
    In the end i love ashy's day care and all the people in it

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