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    I have a question for those who currently (or have previously) worked in Child Care... Do you have to have 1 qualified worker in the room every day? I know it is impossible to have one in the room ALL the time (they have to have breaks!!!) but should they still have on in the room for the majority of the day? The reason I ask is because there are 2 carers in DD's room. One is fully qualified and the other is currently getting her qualifications (which the centre is paying for). The qualified carer is currently on Annual Leave but DH and I are not sure there is a qualified person in the room with the other worker. We love this other worker and she is brilliant with the kids but when DH dropped DD off this morning, this carer wasn't in the room (I think she works a half day today) and he said the other two had no idea what they were doing - we're unsure if they are qualified or not...

    Anyway, if anyone can answer my question, I would really appreciate it!



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    i am pretty sure there doesn't always have to be a Qualified in the room each day. Probably the workers currently in your DD's room have completed their Certificate 3 but not their Diploma yet. Maybe when you pick DD up you could have a word with the Director and discuss your concerns, i am sure he/she will be happy to discuss this with you.

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    currently as long as there are enough diploma or equivalent under the roof line - they can be placed anywhere

    so the meeds to be a diploma qualified for every 15 children under the age of 3 and a qualified diploma for every 30 children over the age of 3.

    Bearing in mind the overall ratio for adult:child is 1:5 for under 3 years and 1:15 for overs

    so although they can get away with two ladies working with a cert 3 it would be in there best interest to have a qualified in every room.

    In saying that i have worked with diploma qualified i wouldn't leave a cat with lol and assistants that would be happy to run the room

    Talk with your director if this is bothering you


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