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Thread: What do kids do in prep?

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    Default What do kids do in prep?

    DD has never been to childcare or kindy, so I want her to know what she will be doing next year instead of just being thrown into it.

    We have been doing the alphabet with her, colours, shapes and numbers up to 20, so I would like to know if there's anything else we should be doing.


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    my ds is in grade 1 this year (was a preppie last year) anyway he learnt alot about the alphabet (they taught using the letterland program) they started reading (basic readers) and they also did the 100 golden words, he learnt them then had to go onto spelling them etc. he also did maths and learnt to count properly, also learnt some basic adding and subtracting skills, did indonesian (learnt colours and counting etc) and also learnt how to be independant and confident. he also did music, library, art, pe etc.

    oh he also learnt how to write properly, doing cursive writing etc and not printing

    this is all i really know as when it comes to school it seems to be a bit secretative in my ds's world lol
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