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Thread: What would you do about Pre-primary

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    Question What would you do about Pre-primary

    Kimberley starts pre-primary next year. I was asked by her kindy teacher today if i minded if Kimberley next year went in to a class of 20 kids which 10 of them will be kindy kids. It means on a Friday she will get one on one with her speech but the rest of the week she is in a class full of kindy kids. She will still do the activities with the other pre-primary kids when they do them.

    Now i have 3 choices:
    1: Say No
    2: Say Yes
    3: Send her to the brand new school that opens next year which she has been acepted for.

    Kimberley's speech isn't to bad and i am sure the new school would pick it up and i can let them know anyway what she says wrong.
    The one thing that worries me if i keep her in the class they would like her to go in is that she will get held back by the kindy kids.

    What would you do ?

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    Is this in a day care centre? I have never heard of pre-primary. But will this mean that she will now follow these children into the years to follow or will she stay behide and go to kindy will they move on. How many other children will be off her age group? I have alway liked my children to be the older children in class and are have probs up here as you cant hold them back to make them the older but we will be soon moving down to melb and all that will change. maybe ask them why they want her in this class do the think she is strong enough to handle it. most the time the put the kids who will cope the best into the comp classes. Good luck

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    Tali it's at the school.
    She's in kindy at the moment and pre-primary is what they do before the start primary school. She'll be in a class with some 3 - 4yr olds and 10 4-5 yr olds. She'll go to primary school in 2009 as normal with the other kids.

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    There is such a big range between 3 1/2 and 5 in terms of development. I'm not sure it is the best choice. I have a 3 1/2 year old and a almost 5 year old. The older one can just about read and the younger one is still such a baby. I don't know how they could provide instruction at each level. In my younger daughter's class there is 2 adults for 16 kids because they need the extra help. It wouldn't be my first choice.

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    DH isn't keen on the idea so i am going to ask more questions next week on how they are going to teach both sets of kids and if she will be having to sit through learning what she did this year all over again.
    If she can't help then i think it will be a NO to that and send her to the new school and i will tell them about her speech problem.

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    I think she will go to the new school and i will let them know about her speech so they can get straight on to things and also she is still booked in to speech threaphy at the developement centre so that will help also.

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