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Thread: What's the going rate for a babysitter?

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    Claire Guest

    Default What's the going rate for a babysitter?

    Being from the UK originally - I'm not sure!

    DH and I are off to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers tonight and I have a babysitter booked from around 6-12 (hopefully will be home before then).

    It's a 26 year old and she's very experienced with children...........

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    I would say $20 an hour but have never done it before. Ask her what she charges and then work from there. Being that your kids would probably be asleep for the majority of the time shes there, I would even say $10 per hour once asleep.

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    OK, Just guessing I would have thought $10-$15 /hr

    I got this from google, from an Australian babsitter indroduction site:

    ... Expect to pay between $12/hr (few responsibilities) to $15-20/hr (for experienced nannies during the day). Rates vary according to sitters' experience, the duties required .....
    I think this is a good guide. If you kids are already in bed, and all the sitter is doing is watching TV in your lounge room, and checking on them etc then I reckon $12/hr would be good?

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    Claire Guest


    That's for that - the babysitter has to get Emily ready for bed and read to her, and then put her to sleep so I will pay her more for those few hours and then a bit less for when Emily's asleep.

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    I sometimes babysit I charge $15 per hour and add $5 on top per extra child. I have experience and qualifications in child care. When I go out I get my nieces to look after my kids and I pay them $10 an hour

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    I spoke to a nanny the other day. She is mid 20's and she said she works for $18 an hour minimum 3 hours. Well hello...very demanding!! But I suppose reasonable, but Im not using her! I get younger girls who are $8-$10 per hour! but that's only at night when baby is asleep! xo

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