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Thread: when do kids start kinder

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    Default when do kids start kinder

    just been wondering, at what age is kinder? krystal's birthday is 30th may, so does she start the year she turns 4, or when she is 4 turning 5?

    also, what exactly is pre-school? is it different from kinder?

    just wanting to make sure i understand what will be happening when it comes time!!!


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    i think melbourne is different, from my understanding if they turn 4 before the 30th april they start that year, otherwise they have to wait for the next year when they are turning 5 to start kinder. In perth the cutoff is the end of the financial year, makes it easy t remember!


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    In Vic, preschool and kinder are the same thing.
    4 year old kinder is govt funded (well you still pay but its subsidised) and they go the year before they go to school.
    3 year old kinder is run by some private and some council organistions too.

    Depending on where you live (different councils differ greatly) you may have to enrol very early to get in to the kinder you want (as in years before) but where I live you CANT enrol until the year before your child attends.

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    smiles4u Guest


    Hi Krystal Ball,

    I live Ballarat, Vic (population 85,000) a big town and I found out recently that a Mum I kno here has already booked in her daughter who turns 2 this 10th of March !!

    My DH read in a Melb paper (he wrks in Melb) that u need 2 book at least 2yrs ahead !!

    My daughter turns 2 on 6th of May & I'm hoping 2 look in2 bookin her in 4 later on

    **** " LET US KNO HOW U GO " ****
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    DoubleK Guest


    wow, i think i'll look into it now!

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