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Thread: Yoga for pre-schoolers

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    Yasin's CC hands out a parent's letter every now and then to deal with any issues that have come up and let parents know of any changes etc.
    They're usually pretty boring; don't forget the hat, please don't send noodles for lunch every day and so on but today I noticed that they are starting school readiness for the older children.
    The day is structured a bit like a school day and they learn skills that are useful in school. 3pm is yoga/relaxation techniques.

    I have to say I was a bit surprised by this. Not in a bad way - it's just that I feel a bit sad that my children are starting school in an era where yoga/relaxation is reckoned nesescary for children at such a young age.
    Maybe it's always been needed but it's only now that they are doing it.

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    That's really interesting. I know what you mean about it being quite a sad thought - in some ways it's quite a cynical response to current societal trends, isn't it? Preparing kids early for the pressures of the modern world instead of cherishing their innocence...

    But, there is also something so positive about kids being introduced to yoga as physical exercise. Apart from the long term physical benefits of low impact exercise on growing bodies, I wonder what social benefits would come from teaching a non-competitive discipline that focuses on internal awareness?

    I hope that yogababy is out there in BB-land tonight, or anybody who teaches yoga - how is it taught to kids? I imagine that it would be quite different to the way it is taught to adults?

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