thread: 7yo daughters weird habit.

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    7yo daughters weird habit.

    Hi - I don't know if this is a medical condition, but it is starting to worry me.

    At the start of the year, Cait started sniffing her fingers. Every now and then running them under her nose. I asked her about it and she said she didn't realise she was doing it.

    Now she does it a lot more and sometimes has both hands at her nose while I'm talking to her like it is a natural thing to do.

    I separated from her father in 2007 and there was nothing like this in 2008, it just started at the beginning of the year.

    She's not a nervous girl or anything and things are pretty normal around here. Her father and I get on well, there is no tension or anything.

    What do you think is causing it ? Is it a problem ? Should I take her to someone ? I was thinking about asking her teacher if she does it at school.

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    DD does this also - she goes through phases of being into smells - she will smell paper and other things including her hands - I usually just ignore it.

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    It might just be a nice feeling to tickle under her nose. i wouldn't worry about it if it is isolation or if you think it's affecting her socially. I rub my thumbs when I'm bored/stressed etc which my DH picked up on but I had never noticed, just a comforting feeling

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    I would be getting into contact with her teacher, if she doesn't notice she's doing it, it's probably an unconcious urge that her body follows through with.
    It could be a mild case of OCD, probably not, but it's worth getting it checked out.

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    If you are concerned, id look into it. Better to have explored the what and why's, than regret it later...

    Let us know how you go

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    I grew up with all sorts of habits like that, so did my brother and sister, and now I see it in a friends daughter and my SIL (who is 11 and not blood related, so not running in family). It can be a type of anxiety, or control. It won't lead to OCD so don't worry (well it may occassionally but not in any of the above mentioned). I am no expert but I would say it's a habit. My mum used to give me three weeks (time it takes to break a habit) and then I'd get a reward. Maybe try that with her.