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Thread: 8.5month old bub with hardly any wet nappies today....

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    Default 8.5month old bub with hardly any wet nappies today....

    As the title says, apart from the overnight nappy this morning (which wasn't as wet as usual) my bub has only had one wet nappy all day and that nappy wasn't very wet at all (maybe one pee worth)...

    Should i be worried? He is otherwise well apart from teething (1st top tooth popped through yesterday, 2nd top tooth very close). He is breastfed and feeds about 6 times per day and anywhere from 4-10 times at night (I KNOW!! We co-sleep though so it's not an issue!). He fed as normal all day and ate his normal amount of solids, he was a little unsettled during the night last night but no more than he has been of late anyway due to teething.

    What should i do??

    Thanks in advance x

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    I was told to get my DD seen to if she didnt have very many wet nappies.

    Could be an infection..?

    How is he now? still the same?

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    Did you get more wet nappies? If not I'd take him to the doctor.

    Does he drink water? Mr I loves his water cup, but i'm not sure how much he swallows - we have a straw cup & those take & toss ones.

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    How is he now, any more wet nappies?
    If not i would try and see your GP or ring the MCHN and ask, maybe increase his water if he will take it.
    Hope everything is ok

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    Hi ladies, Thanks for your replies..

    This morning's nappy was very wet so i will keep an eye on him today and if need be i will take him to the Dr.

    Thanks so much!

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