thread: dematitis in 6 wk old (ie more than 'baby acne') and suscpetible to excema

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    dematitis in 6 wk old (ie more than 'baby acne') and suscpetible to excema

    Took DS2 to his 6 wk check up with the paed yesterday and the baby acne he has (all over face, neck, ears and chest) paed says is more than just the baby acne and is some form of dermatitis. he told me to moisturise it 3 times a day with something like ego or dermaveen (i am using dermaveen). he also said to maike sure i use only natural fibres (which i do) and something v soft against his skin (am buying some bamboo singlets). does anyone have any other tips? he scratches alot and has all these little scratches all over his face poor little poppet.
    The paed also thought he looked as though he would likely get excema (Dh had it as a small boy) - any tips???
    Poor little thing, i really want to clear it up for him - bc it look sore and uncomf...
    I think the paed said it is likely to be alot better by 3 months...

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    get some steroid cream from GP if it gets too bad and doesnt start clearing up. also Moogoo psoriasis and eczema cream worked for us. washing powder has to be the baby sensitive skin type, clip nails or put bub in mittens. some of the things that worked here :-)

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    I totally understand where you are coming from, my DD had exzcema from 4 weeks onwards (my DH had dermatitis as a child and it was quite severe). DD used to scratch herself until it bled. I finally went to our GP and he prescribed steriod cream and i only had to use it for a week and it was gone!! I still have it on hand as if she gets a flare up i just put it on the infected area and it settles it. We also bathed and moisturised her with Alpha Kerri products they worked well for us too. Hope it gets better for you.

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    Possible dairy intolerance? I get psoriasis when I consume dairy and tested positive to lactose intollerance.

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    I know how you feel. DD has severe eczema since she was little as well. They said usually its not an intolerance to food but the environment. Dust and dust mite is one of the worse culprits.

    Some tips the hospital gave us for DD was:

    1. Remove all dusty things from DD's room. If she has a fav furry toy i had to freeze it over night to kill the dustmite
    2. Get mattress cover (called Allergend) or change her covers every few days (I decided to go with that as havent a chance to get the allergend covers so not sure how good that is)
    3. Bathe her every 2-3 days and quickly and use a bath oil (i use QV bath oil)
    4. When drying her, pat her instead of rub her with the towel
    5. Moisturise moistrise moisturise - I use MooGoo MSM on her bum and QV cream (not the lotion) on her body

    Her eczema has subsided but she still has outbreaks though (i think due to changes in weather)


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    Thanks for the replies...
    At the moment it is dermatitis - i wonder if he will get excema?
    I have been using dermaveen in his bath and also the cream about 4 times a day - it has cleared up SO much and is looking a lot less 'raw' and sore. i also used dermaid on the very bad bits which cleared that up with 1 application. jhe seems a lot more comfortable now...
    i will keep up the dermaveen... and if that stops working will move onto something else. my mum has super sensitive skin so i am asking her for tips (i reckon thats where he got this from).

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    Dream Cream from Lush is very very good for ezcema and etc...I use creams from the Tinderbox (a Perth company but can be bought online) for me and we all wash in diluted Dr Bronners Castile Soap - including Palmer.

    All of the above are totaly chemical free and worked wnders on my Psoriasis.

    Although my sister gets horrible excema (since she was a baby too...was covered in it when she was born!) and 22 years later she still uses QV, so I can vouch for them too.