thread: Diabetes in children??

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    Diabetes in children??


    Just wondering if anyone has a child with diabetes or know much about it. My 2yr old has suddenly started drinking way too much liquid (like last night a whole pump bottle (600mls) of apple juice after she had a bottle of milk (300mls) and a cup of water. This is all in an hour. She always asks for a drink and sculls the lot quickly. Also I have just noticed she is wee-ing so much. Its clear colour and she did 3 very large wee's in about 15-20mins. This was before all her drink. I tested her blood sugar level this morning at work. It was 6.9mmols at 9am. All she had was a piece of toast and water since waking up at 7am and the toast only had butter on it. It was tested about 1.5hrs after her food. I meant to test her pee too at work for Glucose but was so busy I didn't get the stick so will have to wait for tomorrow. She is very well otherwise. I was just wondering what other digns I should be looking for. I can't take her to the dr until Monday as I live in a small country town where there are no dr's on the weekend and she is well. Does drinking and peeing too much warrant a trip to the dr if her BSL is fine?

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    Diabetes is pretty rare in this age group, especially given the presence of a normal blood glucose level. But without being able to see her mysel, if you are worried, you should definitely take your little one in to be seen.

    I wouldn't recommend letting your little one drink 600mls of any fruit juice at a time, though - if she is really that thirsty, she should be having water, not juice.

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    a BSL of 6.9 mmol is perfectly normal - especially that soon after having eaten. But if you are concerned, definately get her checked out. It may just be that she is a thirsty child or enjoys the taste of the juice and milk but isn't actually thirsty IYKWIM.


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    Thank you for your replies. I definately wouldn't give her a pump bottle full of juice. My eldest daughter filled her water bottle with it and my DH saw little DD get it and drink it. His very naughty always buying and giving the kids bad food and its not even for a treat no amount of education will stop him makes me so angry sometimes.