thread: Diarrhoea

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    Olive has had diarrhoea since sunday morning now and i'm pretty worried. I took her to the doc's on Monday after 24hrs as she also had a temp then and he said to just keep up the fluids and bring her back if she still had it the next day. She has only been drinking on average 500-600mls (half of whats required for her weight)in a 24hr period and has been very irritable unless we are constantly playing and entertaining her. I took her to the hospital on tuesday morning and saw another doctor who got some samples and again we were told to keep up the fluids. Well I can't force an almost 6mth old to drink! Anyway I thought she was getting better but she has had lots of diarrhoea again today so am back off to the doctors. Do you think I am being neurotic or do you think I am right to be concerned. Any comments are welcome.

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    I think you are right to be concerned, and a bit frustrated too. Especially when your child is sick and all you want is to be told what is going on. As long as she is drinking something, then that would be helping. Call the chemist and ask them if she can have gastrolyte/hydrolyte or simmilar. You can always take her to your GP if it hasnt cleared up in the next day. Hope she is better soon.

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    peadalyte should be fine to give but double check with the pharmacist if one is open... also, even when my DD is ill, drinking is an issue. We get around it by using a syringe to squirt 10-20mls of fluid into her mouth (aiming for the cheek) every 15-20 minutes. This keeps fluids going in.

    Depending on what is causing the diaorhhea, it can take up to a week to resolve. But if your concerned, def go back to the doctor.