: Eczema: What worked for you?

  • Prescription Creams (what did you use?)

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  • Diet Change

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  • Creams, Bath oils or Wash (such as QV)

    17 18.09%
  • Change of Washing detergents used on clothes

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  • A combination of above

    38 40.43%
  • All of the above

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thread: Eczema: What worked for you?

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    Claire Guest


    I have changed my diet and cut out most salicylates, amines and dairy as I'm breastfeeding my boy who has ezcema. You could check out this website for more info: Food Intolerance Network

    So it's diet change for us and acupunture for him to help release fetal heat (TCM works on the premise that infant ezcema is passed from the mother to baby in utero through the foods she eats). It has worked wonders for us.

    He's started solids and we are sticking to root veg, meat and pears until I have had him allergy tested next month (his sister has dairy allergy, so we want to ensure he's has nothing more serious).
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    May 2007
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    I'm just thinking back. Around the time that Jack's skin flared up, I'd switched from full cream milk to low fat milk...I wonder if there's a connection? I might even start back drinking soy milk (I love the taste of that).

    Anyone know about the fish oil thing and giving it to babies??

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    Oct 2007
    Hunter Valley, NSW

    to treat my sons eczema i used:
    QV products - the bath oil and wash (mixed), the flare up liquid - when required
    changed washing powders - I use omo sensitive
    tried moisturisers and prescription creams - mixed as he said they stung by themselves

    most of the time this is under control, however I have noticed flare ups when we have windy days.

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    Just copying what I wrote in another thread.

    Sorbolene is still a synthetic chemical product. The Miessence range is organic and much less likely to upset your son's skin. The majority of sorbolenes are made from petrochemical by-products, e.g. mineral oils, paraffin etc. Why they are used for eczema I do not know.

    All of these products - look at the ingredients. If you need a science degree to understand them, don't buy them.
    Even some products out there that have 'organic' on them only have 1-2 organic ingredients but also add other crap. Look for the Australian Certified Organic' logo - it means the product is organic, not one or two of the ingredients.

    I also think people should steer away from lotions and potions when the baby is born, they don't need any on their skin, water is fine. But so many people buy highly fragranced and chemical lotions and potions to use from birth (or get those freebies in hospitals) it happens from day 1 and irritates babe's skin.

    What Are You Feeding Your Family's Skin?
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    Nothing like a cuddle from DD after a hard day's work!

    Oct 2007
    in my own world

    Hi ladies,

    I just found this thread!

    My DD has eczema and it is so heart breaking that i wish it was me instead. Anyway, Im sure i feel exactly the same as every mum and dad who has to see their child itch and scratch.

    So I tried many many creams (I posted a thread somewhere recently) and I went to a specialist. He prescribed me with so many creams, all having cortisone in them (celestone, kenacomb and some mixed ones).

    I used celestone and it worked a treat but once i stopped using it the eczema came back.

    I went to my family gp and told hiim what creams I was using and guess what? He said that the creams are too strong for her (4 month old) and can cause joint damage long term!!!

    He then prescribed some advantan, anti-biotics (because she got a skin infection) and sigmacort

    So I started to apply these creams every 4 hrs... very reluctantly but what do you do when your child is itching until she is bleeding, when you have to hold her hands constantly all day, when her scalp reaks even after a bath, when her head is seeping sticky liquid out?

    Anyway, I started to read more threads and it really made me feel guilty about using so many steriod creams on her. What if I caused her some long term damage? I will definately regret it for the rest of my life.

    We've booked for another specialist that specialises in babies (1.5 months wait). We've booked for the children's hospital too (2.5 months wait).

    Today, my MIL took us to a chinese herbalist. He prescribed 4 jars of cream. I have to put these on every hr. I asked him what was in these creams and he told me that it was a trade sceret.

    Sorry for the long winded post but just wanted to say, I hope this chinese herbist knows what he is doing!! I will keep you posted on the results but I heard many good things about him from eczema sufferers.

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    Dec 2006

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd post here in case I can help anyone!

    My son who is just over 6 months, for the last 3 months suffered terribly with eczema in the nappy area. It was really bad and persistent - cortisone creams not even helping sometimes.

    I went through just about every cream, routine, lotion and potion and this is what worked:

    * Changed washing detergent for nappies and clothes/sheets to EcoStore powder (from woolies). I use 1/3 of the scoop it comes with (still on the original box - very cost effective)- dissolved in hot water then put into the machine.

    know for a fact the amolin and purity ones were part of our cause of flare ups as I tested it by accident today - popped him in his cot for a nap on a sheet that had been washed in the old detergents, he got a red rash on arms and knees almost immediately and was screaming! We also accidently used a nappy that had been washed in amolin and it set it off again too a few weeks ago.

    * Canesten cream for 3 x a day no matter what until we had 2 weeks of no symptoms as per directions.

    * Medihoney Eczema cream over the top of the canesten - now just using this cream only as our barrier cream and to stop him drying out. Only need a small amount.

    * Changed to wool covers for overnight (lanacare and possum pouches), and daytime changed from BBH PUL to Imse Vimse PUL covers which have 100% organic cotton outer and inner, with the middle inside layer being the PUL material - so his skin is only in contact with the organic cotton.

    He is 100% healed from what was a very very persistent rash and much happier in general.

    He also reacts to synthetic fibres like polar fleece so we completely avoid blankets/clothes in this fabric at the moment.

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    Dec 2006

    Also - I think it is EXTREMELY important to make your household chemical free. We don't use anything other than handmade soap (not true soap - ie goatsmilk, hemp oil etc). Jordan gets plain water to be cleaned/wiped with.

    I threw out EVERYTHING in our house that had chemicals in it. I'm talking

    liquid soap/facewashes etc
    cleaning products - bicarb/vinegar or both with water are just as effective as chemical cleaners, and a lot cheaper!
    Washing up liquid (we use ecostore here too)
    toothpaste ( you can get organic plant based ones)

    We literally don't use any chemicals in our home for anything at all - other than my makeup. It has made a big difference to his skin and I feel so much better for it. After a lot of reading up on parabens and the other nasties in all the household products, we went cold turkey and never to return. It's no more expensive and very much worth it!

    We also started growing our own vegies and got some chooks for eggs, and I bake my own bread by hand with everything from scratch, in an attempt to completely avoid preservatives and additives in our food. Also not very hard or expensive!

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    Nov 2008
    Browns Plains, Bris.

    Just thought I'd put what worked for me and my son's eczema.

    Poor Jordan was diagnosed with a dairy protein allergy when he was 4 months old. As I was a breastfeeding vegetarian, out went any other dairy as well as peanuts and eggs which he also reacted too. And later on, liquid parrafin (mineral oil).

    After cutting out all those foods from my diet, and ensuring that no soaps came into contact with his skin, he cleared right up. Until we moved into our new house! Turns out there was simply cat fur in the carpet (aren't they meant to be cleaned...). But even things such as wool carpets, or even the underlay or mould can cause the eczema. If it's not a food allergy a simple skin***** test can clear up alot of confusion. You may hate the idea of doing this to your child, but if it narrows down what they're allergic too, it can very well avoid months or even years of frustration for them.

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    Sep 2008

    My daughter is 3 months old and has been suffering with eczema since she was six weeks. I am at my wits end now. I really don't want to use steroid creams. I have changed all her clothes to 100% cotton, changed washing powders, am using all different creams (dermeze, QV oil for bath and repair lotion, sorbolene to bath with, atopiclair which helps a bit but doesn't take it away and medihoney which seems to burn as my daughter cries when I put it on so I stopped this one) I've tried eliminating dairy from my diet as I am breastfeeding and now egg. She is getting worse. I have an appointment for an allergist and dermatologist but only in over a months time. She scratches at her face all the time and her entire body is covered in eczema. Her skin feels like sandpaper. Her sister had a milk allergy so I am presuming she has some sort of allergy as well. My question is - if it is the food I am eating that is doing this to her, wouldn't it be better to stop breastfeeding and put her on soya. Has anybody tried this and did it work? Please give me some advice.

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    HOPRAH Guest

    Have you tried a bath with oatmeal?
    Worked wonders for my LO.

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    Mar 2009

    Hi My little girl now 9 months old has had nasty eczema since she was 3 months old. We were told to ignore it too and it would go away, my GP prescribed 1% hydrocortizone cream (which is very mild) but had no effect. It would get rid of the redness but not the itch. She had raw patches on her shoulders which would not heal with anything. We tried all the creams and oils etc etc, many of which didnt work. We tried organic clothing and got very stressed and sad for the itching and uncomfotableness.

    We then went to our paed about some other issue that had arrisen and mentioned the eczema, he immediately gave us aristocort which is more powerful but within a couple of days using it had completly gone and we rarely get a flare up, never as bad as it was back then. If we get a mild flare up we can use the 1% hydrocortizone cream.

    We use Alpha keri bath oil in her bath (which we were told to only do every 2nd day) and immediatly after patting dry to use dermaveen (within 3 minutes). With these things combined with the cortizone cream we had more success. Lots of people dont like using the strong creams but if you need something to get it under control then i say that it what you have to do... However, i dont know how severe it is... so i can only go on my experience. Go back to your GP or go to see a paed or asked for a referral to a paed dermatologist. I can also forward you some emails I have from a specialist which you might find useful.

    We are currently now looking into whether the eczema is related to a milk allergy but thats another story completely.

    Hope that might help, a bit at least!

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    Apr 2007

    My son is 15 weeks old and the Pead told us last week he has eczema. We tried Egocort 1% on his as advised my my GP when I took him in to have a look under his arms as they were red and very sore. He said he had a skin infection. The cream he prescribed stung him so bad he screamed even after I washed it off him. Pead has me him on Hydrocortisone Acetate Ointment 1% now and I tried it for the first time today. He did not cry so thats a good start as I have been so scared to try anything else prescribed.
    Its just on his neck (I think aggrivated by dribble), his under arms are really bad, and behind his knees in his fat rolls and on his hands and ankles, his belly button and behind his ears. I have eczema as well but mainly in winter and not that bad. Certainly not as bad as he does. It breaks my heart. he is on AR formula for reflux and has already started solids just 2 weeks ago which has helped his reflux a lot. He is just not satisfied with his milk anymore.

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    Jun 2007
    Morayfield, Qld

    Hey girls

    Well my little man has broken out in a really bad eczema rash, it started when he was about 3 months, just had the eczma on his face and a lil bit in the folds of his skin where his joints were. But the past month he has been getting a real bad red rash all over his body, its raised.. So on advice from mums who have had this same thing, I've changed his formula to lactose free... I really do hope this works as it could be an allergy thing. It breaks my heart to see him this way, he screamed last night when I applied the dermaveen, I dunno if it was stinging him or it was just me rubbing it in that was hurting the skin... I have to put socks on his hands to stop him scratching.. I'm hoping to get a referal to a paedatrition... Cos the doctors just aren't helping me, they gave me cortizone cream which hasn't worked.
    I use Alpha Keri oil to massage into him, I was using it in the bath, but then someone told me that goat milk soap was good. So I use that now in the baths, have stopped having a bath each day, only every 2nd. Paw paw cream has cleared his face up, so thinking should I just use that on his whole body? I thought the dermaveen would be good...and I am going to try the oatmeal bath...
    I just want my baby boy to be better...another thing my DP said, could he have an allergy to cats? We have a cat..I don't want to get rid of him if its not the problem...how old can babies be to have an allergy test? I don't want to put him thru it but if its going to help then I might just have to.

    If the lactose free formula doesn't work after this tin, is it worth trying soy formula? Or just try another tin? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm just new to the eczema... and until I get a referal to a paediatrtion, you guys are my help

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    Sep 2008

    Hi Mummydeb

    My DD started with the eczema rash at six weeks. Her skin went really ugly and hard and I wanted to pull my hair out. She is now just over 5 months and her eczema is under control. Let me tell you what worked for me and maybe it will help you a bit.

    Firstly, you need to see an Allergist and a Paed Dermatologist. Research who is good in your area and phone to see who has an appointment that would suit you. I did this and made the appointments ( I had to wait 2 months to get in). Then go to your GP and request the referral to that particular dr. Don't take no for an answer. My DD was allergy tested at 4 months. Luckily nothing but it lets you focus a bit more on what is NB. The allergist did say that a baby is too young to have environmental allergies. But the eczema skin is very sensitive and will be irritated by things like cat and dog hair. My dog now has to stay outside.

    My DD's skin was extremely irritated by anything else but cotton. So now she wears only 100% cotton clothing. I put a cotton blanket behind her head on her car seat and stroller. The rest of the time she wears a cotton coverall so nothing else comes into contact with her skin. Polyester and elastane are especially bad on her skin. She plays with plastic toys only otherwise her face reacts to the material when she puts it in her mouth.

    I use Dermaveen bath oil in her bath. The dermatologist said to bath her every night to put the moisture back into her skin. She gets creamed 3 times a day. I use QV cream during the day and Dermeze at night. Have you tried wet wraps? These worked wonderfully for me and the dermatologist was the one who gave it to me. After the bath you wrap her in a cotton coverall that has been soaked in warm water. Keep her wrapped for 20 minutes but make sure baby is warm. Wrap some blankets around as well. Never use a heater as this will dry the skin. A cortisone cream is essential for the bad areas and you only need to use it until the skin is under control. A week hopefully. Apply it under the wrap once a night for a week. A weak one.

    I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. I know how difficult it can be.

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    Jun 2007
    Morayfield, Qld

    Thanks for your help Miss H...I dunno wat to do about our cat, he just can't stay outside... maybe its best we give him up?? I know my DP would be happy about that, I mean I'm not attached to him like I have been with other cats in the past cos hes a bit of a biter... I just don't want things around my DS that will irritate him...I'll have to go thru his clothes as well, as I have a lot of polyester clothes especially pants...I have plenty of cotton clothes.
    Have an appointment with my doctor on Friday so will get the referal for sure!! My DS also has a bit of a flat head so will need the refereal anyways!! I really just want him better!!

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    Feb 2008
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    Hi ladies,Im so glad i found this,my baby girl is 4 months old,she was breast fed up until about 7 weeks,then on formula, she was fine then i changed her formula to novalac costipation as she had terrible time not being able to go for days,well this has worked but im not sure if its made her ezcema worse?Shes had it bad for the past few weeks so bad that i had to resort to the docs who prescribed a cream,ive tried ever natural cream from paw paw ointment to the invisible glove to oatmeal based,nothing works!We bath her only in water or olive oil,she only has it on her face,just on her cheeks but its so very bad!I would say she has had eczema for about 6 weeks but its been really bad the past 2 weeks is that just the normal age of getting it?or could it be a coincedence that its a new formula?Does anyone know?The only thing with the new one is ive heard it has more lactose.Someone also said try a soy based formula.I mainly wandered what the age is for getting eczema as alot are saying to me its the formula but im wandering if its nothing to do with it and it just doesnt come out till the 3 month old stage?If its dairy well why didnt she have a problem in the first say 8 weeks of life on dairy?any suggestions would be great,its so sad to see her so itchy and red!

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    Nothing like a cuddle from DD after a hard day's work!

    Oct 2007
    in my own world

    Hi Ladies,

    I'm a mother of DD who has severe eczema. I know it wont be of any comfort to tell you that it will get better with time but it does!

    DD, had eczema since she was 2mthish. It got worse in that her face was all itching and weeping and so was her scalp.

    When you carried her your shirt would all be wet and she would spend her time rubbing her head and face on your skin.

    Her gloves were always wet from rubbing.

    I went to 2 specialists and even the children's hospital. All they did was prescribe me with steroid creams which I used but did not find it help as they never really stopped her feelign itchy!

    Anyway, I think every case is different so try the following things for your baby to see if it helps:
    * use QV bath oil in the bath and do not bathe them everyday
    * use rolled oats in the water
    * wear 100% cotton clothing including bed sheets and avoid wool. You should try to wear 100% clothing too if your babies will start rubbing on your clothing
    * Clean your babies sheets often to avoid dustmites or buy a mattress protector called allergend (note i have not bought this myself as DD started to get better since i cleaned her cot out every couple of days)
    * moisturise regularly (I use QV cream, the thick one not the lotion)
    * Make sure the house is free from dust as this was the main culprit for DD's eczema
    * changed washing detergent to ecostore for all clothing, including yours

    What worked for me was a combination of the above and also a chinese herbalist.

    HIs creams are expensive but they worked as they stopped her itching and you wouldnt believe it worked over night!!!!

    However, i have stopped using his creams as I dont know what is in there (and he will not give me the list of ingredients).

    DD's eczema is much better (except on her sensitive bum) so i do think she has outgrown it.

    She still gets it when the weather changes or after some certain foods but not as severe.

    I really hope you guys find a solution soon that works for you *HUGZ*

    Best of luck babes.

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    Jul 2005
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    LOL at all the old ex members at the start of this thread! What a blast from the past!

    I haven't read every post but I just wanted to let people know that MooGoo have a new Eczema cream and given how much we love their other products i'm sure this would be good too.

    My DD had a patch behind her knees but fortunatley all I had to do was stop using soap in her bath... switched to an Ego non-soap cleanser... did the trick. No MooGoo back then (1996).

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