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Thread: Fractured collarbone...feeling like a bad mummy :(

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    Unhappy Fractured collarbone...feeling like a bad mummy :(

    I feel so sad My 19 month old son has a fractured clavicle and I still cant believe it has happened.

    We were fishing on friday and he fell out of his toddler campchair onto the sand. He was right in front of me and I turned my head away for a second then heard him cry out. I honestly thought he got a fright more than hurt himself but when he was still crying and wouldnt let us put him down hours later we took him to emergency where they cleared him for concussion and sent us home.

    He stayed on the lounge all weekend so we knew something was wrong as he is such an active toddler. On sunday we noticed we was not using his right arm and by monday noticed his collarbone was starting to look red and a bit swollen compared to his left.

    So he had an xray which confirmed the fracture boy he didnt like having that done.

    Because he is so young the doctor said it would heal fast and he should be back to normal in only a few weeks. It's just so hard to see him in pain, knowing he wouldnt really understand why.

    Has anyone else had a child with a broken collarbone? All I can do is keep him still and comfy and give him pain relief. I feel like such a bad mother. Thanks for reading my sook.

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    I broke my collarbone when I was that age too, mum said it was such a pain keeping me from faing.
    DS broke both bones in his wrist at 18 months from a minor fall on the driveway- I didn't take him to hospital until the next morning so don't feel bad!!!

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    Aww poor little mite. All I can suggest is to keep the pain relief up and keep him as still as possible (maybe infronnt of a DVD) for the moment, he probably won't want to move much anyway. Hope it heals quickly. Hugs!

    Also, YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOTHER!! Accidents happen all the time so please don't beat yourself up over it. It was just one of those things.

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