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    I have just been to the GP who has told me DD1 has glue ear. I have been thinking for some time that she is not hearing properly and she was tested at the school who said that she did not pass the hearing test. So I took her to the GP and asked him to check her ears. He says I must give it 2 months and see if it clears. What is your experience of this?

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    DD2 has had numerous bouts of glue ear, she recently had grommets for ongoing infections.. we had to give her dimetapp when she had glue ear, id definatly ask for a hearing referal now, if he wont then ask your MCHN as they can give them also, we had DD1 tested but her hearing was fine, then again we were never concerned about her hearing

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    DS (10mths) had the start of glue ear and antibiotics, poor wee thing was so blocked up it was hard to sleep and he grizzled when laying down. I waited a few weeks then his ear started leaking (like a snotty ear) poor wee thing had a burst eardrum. I think it was a natural reaction and he was much better after it burst, as it relieves the pressure (like a grommet would). But horrible to think what he went through to get to the point of bursting After that it cleared right up - and he has been fine.
    I'm not sure there is much you can do to avoid it - however if it happens to us again I will be going to my local naturopath and getting some tonics to loosen snot and soothe the ears.
    Hope she recovers soon xx

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