thread: Impetigo/school sores

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    Nov 2011

    Impetigo/school sores

    Are they contagious if they have stopped weeping and it's formed a crust?

    DS was exposed to it today. I am so angry!!!! The mother of the child who has it tells me they aren't infectious anymore but I'm doubting it.

    What makes it even worse is I told her child not to pick up DS etc and she just ignored me.

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    Hmmm I thought they had to be covered until gone? They are so contagious I hope your ds doesn't get them

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    Jul 2006

    I am not too sure. I had them in Primary School & I know I still had the sores on my face b/c I had school photos done :-/ I know they wern't open, more scabby. Perhaps call nurse on call?

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    Jun 2009

    Yep they are still infectiousif not covered

    Here's some info

    Impetigo (school sores) information sheet - Blue Book - Infectious Diseases Epidemiology & Surveillance - Department of Health, Victoria, Australia

    Hope you DS doesn't get them I've seen a little girl with a horrible case of them and it's not nice

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    Nov 2004

    Yes. They're horrid. Hope they didn't touch anything.

    Bathe him in pine tarsol

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    Sep 2007

    Is he on antibiotics for them? (The friend?)
    Its just done the rounds here. DD3 has JUST healed, DD2 had them a whole month ago.

    I didn't get abs, I used tea tree, antiseptic cream & kept them well covered with waterproof bandages until they were completely gone. I kept DD2 home til crusted over, even though covered but it did say on google that once scabbed over they are no longer contagious. I still kept them covered though, til there was nothing but a scar on her leg, just in case.

    DD3's was affected by her eczema as well, but we've kept her away from others also & did the same as with DD2. Harder to cover though being under her chin.

    My girls also had them when DS was born (that day) & we asked a paed. He said as long as they had been on antibiotics for 24 hours they shouldn't be contagious anymore. DS never got them.
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    I just caught them 3mnths ago off someone who told me the same thing