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Thread: Lots of Wind & Green Poo??

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    Default Lots of Wind & Green Poo??

    Okay, maybe TMI.

    My little man is on Zantac, has been for about a month and a half for wind/reflux. It works okay (but could be much better, could also be worse though). THe last few days (two, maybe three?) he has been (seeming) to hold lots of wind, and vomitting after pretty much every bf (he is fully bf, has been for ages). And his poos have changed from the standard 'baby poo brown/yellow' to a darkish green, similar to what they do not long after birth, and today to quite a bright green (not too unlike the green on woolworths catalogues).

    What the h*ll is causing this? Is it linked? I'm thinking of making an apt tomorrow for the drs first thing Monday, because its just very odd (to me anyway).

    I cannot think of anything different that I have been eating or drinking, so ???

    He feeds for only a few minutes most of the time over these last few days and wriggles and writhes like he's in pain from wind or something, and its just uncomfortable to watch. And damn near impossible to feed him sometimes. Other times he seems to feed pretty well and then comfort suck for ages. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Anyone got any ideas? Ha, and we have a wedding to go to tomorrow, so am planning on taking a change of clothes, because I know what will happen if I don't! (Even though its just a casual do)

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    did you find out whats goign on ?? did you eat something funky ??

    DD gets like this , she is on Losec ... she is currently getting a RAST test for celiacs disease (wheat intolerance has symptoms like green poos and wind , reflux and ezcema !)

    i hope its nuttin too serious ...

    let us know how you go !

    how did the wedding go ? did you need a change of clothes ... DD has been "wet burping " alot lately and my reflexes shoot out and i put my hand under her chin to catch it im so used to whipping my hand out to catch spew .... esp in the shops ...

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