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    So as some of you know... most of you know... I've spent the last 4 days in hospital with DD1 who is almost 5 with viral meningitis.

    I'm on a soap box atm, so just hear me out and become familiar with symptoms and signs of meningitis so they can act quickly if something happens.

    We were lucky, it was viral meningitis and I caught it early.

    DD1 on Thursday morning was a bit crook, DH took her to the GP when he took DD2 and her temp was 39.5 while he was there an hour after panadol. On Friday early morning around 2.30am she vomited and had a temp of 40.2. We kept treating the temp as there weren't any other signs.

    *side note* DD1 does not exhibit many signs of pain

    DD1 on Friday struggled with the temp, I gave panadol and neurophen and tried to get fluids into her. At 1.30pm I gave her neurphen because her temp was 39.7, I hopped in the shower with DD2 who had croup on Thursday and I was still worried about her. We came out of the shower & DD1 was huddled under a blanket. She said the light hurt her eyes. I phoned DH who said not to worry, blah blah blah. I told him I was going to pack up and head to the hospital and to join me in an hour or two. Nothing to worry too much about.

    We got to the hospital and DD1's temp was 40.2, her heartrate was high, her BP was high. They put her straight through the ED into an isolation room. They took bloods and found her white cell count was enormous. They scheduled a lumbar puncture and CT scan. While we were waiting, she perked up and started telling me fart knock knock jokes. They observed and called off the tests but gave us a diagnosis of viral meningitis. She had a headace and enough symptoms. They scheduled another lumbar puncture test for the next morning.

    The next morning the paed & I talked about what was going on. Apparently her blood tests showed a child who should be near death. Who should be unable to move and completely flat, and yet DD1 was sitting up and talking with me. So they were deeply concerned, but didn't know what to do. We decided against a lumbar puncture because her bloods were too severe to put her under a general anaesthetic, but she was too bright to put a needle into her spine.

    So the next 3 days were spent with extremely high temps up and down and a febrile convulsion or two. She wouldn't eat and couldn't do much at all. It was extremely scary.

    I just want people to be aware of meningitis. So they too can move quickly and keep their kids safe.

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    I just wanted to offer huge to you.
    My brother suffered meningitis at 4 months old & my BIL is left mentally disabled after also suffering it as a baby.
    I hope your DD is ok & that you are too.

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    Oh Christy, what a rough ride you've had this week. My heart goes out to you Thank you so much for sharing your information and personal experience.
    And what an amazing DD you have there (but I know you knew that already)!

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    oh doh, lost a huge post

    *hugs* christy, I hope your DD is feeling a lot better today, and you are too. Isn't it annoying that a LP would diagnose properly, but you've either got to be well or very sick?

    all the best for your family this week.

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    Whoa there! I'm so glad she is better. I checked out your FB link about it, very good - it's locked in my brain now.

    It's very hard with a child with a high pain threshold. DD1 had a broken jaw and I didn't see her shed a tear. She was just quiet. It wasn't until I noticed her jaw in a particular light when she lay down I the couch that I could SEE it was broken.
    I always watched her extra closely after that.

    Hugs for you hun, I hope you get a nice deep sleep tonight xoxoxoxo

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    Thanks for sharing that info Christy... sometimes it's so hard to know what's *just* a temp and what requires immediate attention. Thank God you caught it in time, and followed the prompting to get her to the hospital

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    Christy, thankyou for sharing your story hun.
    I know how scary it is when you don't know whats wrong. When Jack was only 10 weeks old he had extremely high temps for a few days (and also very high white cell count) with no other symptoms and they thought he may have had meningitis, unfortunately he had to go through the pain of a lumbar puncture to find out (fortunately) that it wasn't meningitis and that he had a UTI.
    Like M, Jack obviously has en extremely high pain threshold. The doctors couldn't believe how well he handled it, they were poking and prodding him and he just grinned at them, LOL. They said he should have been vomiting and in lots of pain (especially when he wee'd).

    I hope M recovers quickly and everything gets back to normal for you soon. for m and for you.
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    That's just it Marlene... it could be anything. Luckily they did a wee sample and cultures & sensitivities for other forms of infection in the bloods or urine. So we ruled all that out on Sunday.... But it wasn't until Sunday that we knew for sure that we ruled out most other things.

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    OMG how scary! for you all. So glad she is out of hospital and on the road to recovery.

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    Christy, I know what you are going through.
    We went through this with DD2 when she was 4 with bacterial meningitis.
    Just watch her closely this winter as she may pick up every bug that is going as their immune system is lowered due to the illness. Not sure if this happens with viral.
    For yourself, get some rest as you will need it in the next week or so as she starts to improve and reaction sets in.

    If you can get by with out the lumbar puncture that's great. Thankfully we didn't have to have one as the culture showed a positive reading.

    A word of warning with anyone who thinks that their child may have it, they don't always get a rash or vomit. The main signs are a temperature that climbs and eyes that are sensitive light. If in doubt, don't leave the hospital or Dr's until you are ready. If I had left when I was told to we would not have our DD.

    All the best with her recovery (and yours)

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    oh Christy, wow, what a huge experience to go thru

    i'm so relieved for you all, that it was diagnosed adn dealt with in time.

    thanks for the global warning, you've made me want to go buy a thermometer tomorrow morning.

    it's just like you, to go thru a nervewracking experience and then think "how can i use this to help other people"?

    hugs to you darlin

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    Christy - how scarey!

    I really hope she mends quickly .. and that is just so amazing of you to share this in the light of educating us all...... you are so special!

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    oh christy im so glad shes recovering...well done on raising awareness.
    hope you are all ok.
    love rach xxx

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    OMG we just went through the same thing with DS2 a few weeks ago so I know exactly how you are feeling. To cut it short, DS2 (12 weeks) had been a little unsettled for the morning- just feeding small amounts and often.

    In the afternoon he developed a temp of 39 so I took him to the GP. She saw no other signs of infection or illness, but sent us to the RCH ER just in case due to his age. In the time it took for me to drop DS1 with my sister and get to ER (about 30 min) he had developed a rash on his abdomen. Within an hour he had had a blood test (huge amount of WBC) a lumbar pucture, two needles into his bladder trying to get a urine sample...

    It was the worst 3 days of my life, just not knowing...we were lucky it was viral and not too damaging in the end.

    You can NEVER be too careful with your children or too paranoid.

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    thinking of you and you little girl, how scary.
    thanks for informing us and keeping us aware of the symptoms.
    I am ultra careful with my kids now, after losing my daughter in Feb.

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    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...

    Oh how scary. So pleased to hear you picked it up quickly and that M is on the mend.
    Thanks for the info in meningitis... I didn't realize how bad a fever could be... xo

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    Oh Christy, I hadn't caught up in your other thread, I'm so sorry to hear she became so unwell I hope she is well on the road to recovery. It's such an ordeal for the whole family to have a little one in hospital

    I agree to always trust your instincts - DS had a fall last week and although I had checked and checked and I couldn't see any obvious signs of injury, 10 mins later I just knew by his behaviour that something wasn't right. Feeling like the paranoid mother (especially because this boy has been to the ED more times in 18 months than the rest of the family combined!) I headed for the hospital. He had in fact fractured his left leg and is in a cast up to his hip. It's always better to have these things checked out, even if you are worried about appearing the paranoid mother, and as Rivlas said, never leave until you're 100% confident that your child is well.

    Thank you for refreshing my memory about the signs of meningitis. My sister also had it as a baby and the light sensitivity has always stuck in my mind.

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    Christy.... what a scary time for you all. I'm so glad M is home now & doing better.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.... it may just save a child some day (fingers crossed no other parent on here has to go through it though but unfortunately sometimes these thigs do happen)

    You have made me feel better about calling the hospital when DD had a fever of 40.9 half an hour after panadol last year, luckily it was nothing & the fever eventually went down but that was scary enough for me.

    Thanks again hun for thinking of all of us while you're going through such a hard time