thread: Should i give him anything?

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    Should i give him anything?

    Last week Me, DH and the 2 older kids all woke up sick on the same morning. Me and DH have a head cold and the kids have runny noses and a very flemmy cough.

    Since yesterday though Orson has had the same flemmy cough. I thought he wouldn't have got it since he is breastfed.

    Can he take anything for it? It's affecting his feeding becaus ehe keeps coughing so can't feed properly.

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    i'm not sure, give your chemist a call and see what they say. i know for a stuffed nose you can put a drop of saline solution in the nostril to clear it out, but he has a cough so not sure if that would do anything. hope he gets better soon, there is nothing worse than a sick child especially a very young bub!

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    If it's an infection, he might need abs. But other than that and the saline nose drops, there's not much you can do. There are cough meds for infants available on prescription, but the latest research shows that they are not effective and that there can be serious side effects, so I'd stay clear of them. Hopefully he will be better in a day or 2, if not you might want to visit the GP. GL.

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    hi anthea, im sure you could give him some dimetapp my son got a flu at bout the same age n i gave him that and the saline up the nose and elevated his bed... just half the dose of dimetapp tho!!

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    Breastfed bubs still get sick, often with less severity tho due to the antibodies in your milk.

    I've heard you can use breastmilk up their nose as well to help flush it out if you can't put your hands on saline. You could also burn some oils in the room, or rub vicks baby balsam on the bottom of his feet. That might help clear it up enough for him to feed a bit better.

    It's hard isn't it when they don't know how to blow their nose and clear it! They don't even know to sniff! Hope he feels better soon. It's hard to eat & sleep with a cold

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    I don't think there is much you can give him. My DS's has had a couple of colds since he was a few months old and each time I've taken him to the Dr's, with the hope they will suggest something for his cough - especially for night time where he would have trouble sleeping because of it - there was not much they could do. Though the 1st cough he had the doctor thought it sounded a little bit croupie so prescribed an antibotic, but was only allowed to be given once and I don't think it helped ease the coughing as such- just prevented it going to his chest - so I guess it depends on what sound of cough it is. Most of our coughs though are just the usual cold coughs.

    I did ask the question in my baby buddies thread a couple of times though and someone did say the Brauer's Cough medicine could be given though it does say on the bottle for 2years and up but apparently they've called the company and they said it was ok (maybe someone else could clarify this, but being your little one is only 2months old - not sure if that might be a little too early to give him it if it is allowed for younger babies)....we never ended up giving it to our DS though and it seemed to ease within a couple of days.

    If you haven't done so, maybe a vapouriser in his room might help and maybe if you feel ok doing so, an EBM might be easier for him to drink -we've always done a combination of BF and EBM though - but I understand some people are not comfortable giving bottles or bubs just won't accept it - but this is just what we found worked for us.

    I hope you's all feel better soon.

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    ...If you haven't done so, maybe a vapouriser in his room might help ...
    Thats what I was going to suggest as well, or if you dont have one you can steam up the bathroom - worse for the water usage though unless you are actually having a bath or shower.