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Thread: Stool problem - what could it be?

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    Default Stool problem - what could it be?

    I feel like such a bad mother tonight. DD who is 18 months has been having very loose, pale stools for about 3 weeks and the food in them is not well digested. They really burn her bum and she cries when I try to wipe it. I thought that it was just a virus or something she ate and didn't worry but now that it hasn't stopped I phoned Health Direct. They say I should get her seen by a GP within 24 hours. So immediately I think "oh hell, it's worse than I thought" so I google her sypmtoms and it seems it could be something to do with her liver or intestinal tract that is not working properly. Now I'm scared and wish I had taken her to a dr sooner. What if it is something they should have caught 3 weeks ago?

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    Hun, try not to worry. It is probably nothing - kids have these things all the time. The Health line has to cover themselves, because every now and then, there will be a serious underlying cause and if they don't refer to a doctor they could be sued. Certainly take her to a GP for your peace of mind, but try not to worry And remember with health things, Google is not your friend

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