ok so DD started throwing up on monday lunch, ended up takin her to the hosp on tues as she coudlnt even keep water down. they gave her some tabs and sent us home. she stopped throwing up but only when she had had the tabs. did a hard poo on wed morning and was straining real bad to get it out and crying. wed night and thursday she was real upset and crying saying she had a sore tummy and the only way to settle her was to stand up and rock her. since then she has been fine during the day and eating but of a night from 11pm to about 3am she is screaming in pain. she hasnt poo'd since wed morning but when she is screamin in pain she isnt tryin to squeeze anything out like she normally does if she is constipated. we took her to the hosp again on thursday because of the tummy pain and they just said to give her panadol and nurfen so we have been doing that onlly of a night but it doesnt seem to help.
yesterday i started giving her coloxcyl drops. so since yesterday she has had 4 lots of it and still no poo's.
i am going to give her more coloxcyl today and if she hasnt poo'd try to get into the doc tomoz cause there is no way ill get her in today.
Does this sound like constipation?