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Thread: very slow/poor weight gain in 6mth old

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    Default very slow/poor weight gain in 6mth old

    DD has always been a less than "average" weight gainer , by no means does she look skinny , she has rolls etc ,and is (if were going by charts) in the 50th percentile .

    recently she has started to become very unsetteled around midnight to 5 am , wind i suspect or reflux ( have been advised to put her back on losec)

    what im concerend about is her poor wieght gain in the last month and a hlaf ...

    she got weighed on monday and the nurse took her while i was chasing DS ...i came back and i got that nervous feeling where you know something is wrong and you dont want to hear it ..

    she has only put on 100gms in just over 1 month ...

    i froze as i know its not good for babes to no put enough weight on .. but at least she put in on .. right??

    im seeeing a pead in 3 wks , i would love to have gone eariler but i dont have the money .

    i just want to know if anyone else has had a poor weight gainer and babes has been ok ..

    i'll list why im concerend and then any helpful advice will be appreicated !

    *wind (bad)
    *unsettled (wakes at 12 up till 5 am crying, only settles on boob , she gorges on boob, then vomits in the moring and has bad wind)

    *slow weight gain
    * one leg shorter than the other ( nothing to do with reflux or anything, but its mentionable)

    *vomits/bad nappy rash after formula top up .
    *doesnt tolerate food off a spoon as her tounge is so long it has trouble getting out her mouth , but can eat a bikkie .. (Perhaps not ready ??)

    let me know what you think .. im getting scared , i dont want to hear bad news at the pead

    oh , ive been advised to not give solids till i have seen the pead , only top ups of goats or soy .. which one is better ??

    ETA - ezcema too

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    Personally, I wouldn't touch soy formula if you paid me. I would go the goats milk instead. decades ago many babies who couldn't tolerate cow's milk did perfectly well once on goats milk and I have an issue with 'milk' that comes from plants kwim? It's just not natural.

    It does sound like there could be an intollerance there, but it could just be the reflux too. You really need to see the pead to get to the bottom of this as a GP just wouldn't have the specialised skills kwim?

    Don't worry about her weight for now though, and alone it wouldn't be a huge issue, but combined with all the other things you are right to be on 'alert', but I'm sure it's nothing that bad that it can't be dealt with easy enough too OK? It's tough on us Mummies when we just can't figure out what's going on.

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    Hi my dd2 was a very slow weight gainer, she was diagnosed with a rare blood problem at 18 months but otherwise is perfectly fine, she only gained 350grams from 6 months to 12months. But now is a normal size for a 5 yr old.

    My little one at present only gained 150grams form 7 to 8 months. I think if they are happy, health and doing what they should all things are fine she may have just had a slow month and then next month stack it on.

    My daughter3 at 8 months is 7.5kilos and was 4.155kilos born.

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    Lea, DD was 4.6kg at birth and very rolly. She gained weight really slowly but even now at 20m she still has the rolls and is doing fine. It used to worry me a little when she was younger, but then I just decided I would save my worry for if there was actually any ill health! LOL I stopped looking at percentiles etc, by the time she was maybe 10 or 11m.

    She was a waker up until I put her on a bottle at about 10m, so I suspect I may have had some supply issues, but that's just our experience and may not have anything to do with your problems. We never had reflux, but she did have eczema which is pretty much gone now.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I have a slow grower and, while she may be a smidge shorter than 'average', she's super fast on those short, chubby legs Hope all goes well with your paed appointment.

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    I am sorry i dont have any adive for you but i just want you to know that i am thinking of you and hoping everything is ok with your gorgeous little girl. I'm sure everything will be fine but in totally uderstand your concerns.

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