thread: 6th Birthday Girl Party Ideas

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    Feb 2006
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    6th Birthday Girl Party Ideas

    Ok, so DD's 6th birthday is coming up in September. What did you do for your DD on her 6th birthday? Ideas/themes/ ......Did you do it in-house or outsource or have professional party people come to your house???

    Anything please.....low on ideas here.....

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    We did DD1's 6th party in-house. We have a lifestyle property, so we just advised parents to send gumboots along so the kids could run around outside.

    The main entertainment was decorating their own biscuits. I baked big round choc chip biccies, made icing in a number of colours and put them out with bowls of lollies. The kids loved decorating their own biscuits (even the boys) and they biscuit become part of the party bag.

    With past parties we have hired a face painter/entertainer. Always popular with the kids.

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    Ahh that time is coming up! I've been thinking about A's party too lately.
    We haven't decided yet but ideas are having something in backyard and hiring entertainment. There is ALOT out there. Whats she into at the moment? Maybe base party around that? Is she into girly girl stuff cause there is alot fairy based parties or pamper type parties where someone comes does hair, dress up etc.
    Have you tried googling party places in your area? Sometimes I think its easier to go elsewhere where its all done for you!

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    Dd's 6th birthday isn't until Feb but she is already planning it. We are hoping to move to a house with a yard and so this has formed her idea of what DH and I are calling a retro party. A party in the back yard and garage for her friends with the following games for them:

    Egg and spoon race
    Pin the tale on the donkey
    Three legged races
    Sack races
    Pass the parcel
    And statues

    For food she has requested

    Fruit platter
    Mini hot dogs
    Party pies
    Potato chips

    I'm happy to do this for her as she normally asks for a sport centre where they play racing games anyway. So I figure we'll do it at home!

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    Do you have space to accommodate kids inside in dodgy Victorian weather. Dd is a July birthday and I like at home parties but our house is not big enough. We got the gym bus one year as they can be entirely entertained and work off some energy. Not cheap but worth it to entertain a lot of kids if you have limited space.

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    We had a rainbow party for DD. Figured I could do stuff for boys and girls, though in the end she only wanted girls. I didn't do games this year. We had a craft for them and a jumping castle and they loved just playing with each other. We're lucky to have an enormous yard and outdoor weather almost all year though.

    Are you on Pinterest? There's heaps of ideas on there.

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    Feb 2006
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    Thanks ladies....will do some research.
    Shell - unbelievable our bubbas will be 6 soon hey...