thread: Cupcake Frosting?

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    Cupcake Frosting?

    What sort of frosting do you usually do for cupcakes? I'm making some for Zander to take to preschool on his birthday (Friday) so need to do them tomorrow but I'm not sure what sort of frosting I want to do. Any suggestions?

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    Ooohh, just made some on the weekend for Za's b'day.....

    80g melted choc and 2 tablespoons thickened cream... stir about 8 min till thickened.... a nice icing that wont run off the cakes onto fingers!!!

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    I found the best cupcake icing is just Nuttlex butter and pure icing sugar and beaten with a smidge of milk till it's reasonably stiff. The nuttlex keeps the icing white too - it doesn't turn it yellowy looking like butter or marg does so it makes it easier to colour.

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    If it's for pre-school, I'd suggest to just do something simple like icing sugar and water, that will dry hard - so it will flake/crumble off as opposed to a butter icing which will smear on faces, hands, carpet, walls, clothes...
    The kids will be impressed by colours and maybe an icing picture or hundreds&thousands on top.

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    You will never look at cupcakes the same again... The black and white ones are to DIE for!
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    ooh yes, pure icing sugar... the magnolia bakery have a good one on their website, is quite sweet though, so may not be good for pre school.

    I always use vanilla extract and not essence, it is soo much nicer.


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    Jun 2003

    250g butter
    250g icing sugar
    1tsp vanilla extract

    Mix butter till pale and fluffy, add icing sugar and beat well till the graininess disappears. Then add colour.

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    Nutella makes the best icing! I just spread it on top - easy peasy!

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    How bad am I?! I decided to use the ready made Betty Crocker icing that was in the packet I don't usually use it on our cakes, so figure rather than chuck it like I usually would it can go to preschool!

    Winter - I'd worry about nut allergies if I used Nutella But great idea anyway.

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    oh Sarah that betty icing is YUMMMMM!

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    Could i ask ... the Betty Crocker Icing what flavours do they come in ?? ... and more importantly Which are they yummiest ??