thread: Ideas for Party Games

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    Nov 2009
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    Ideas for Party Games

    We will have about 30 guests coming to our sons 2nd birthday in a few weeks time

    I am wondering if you lovely ladies could help me make a list of games suitable for 2-5 year olds (there will be several)

    and maybe some adult games

    Thanks in advance

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    Dec 2006

    Pass the parcel?

    Sorry in not much help but we have a 3rd birthday coming up too and I also need ideas!

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    Oct 2005
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    having been to many a 1-2-3 year old parties in the last few years

    Pass the parcel is one the kids understand, if kids are little get the mums or dads to sit in circle as well

    we have also had pull string pinata's (you can pick up one at k-mart under $10 then you fill)

    depending on the level of understanding musical staues, simon says...more for fun than anything else

    we also just let the kids run riot at that age just having heaps of balls, bikes they are happy with a less structured party

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    Oct 2006
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    I have found from experience that kids that age don't want to play games, they are best left to run around and play.

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    Dec 2008
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    maybe hire a jumping castle
    all day fun

    we do treasure hunts like follow the arrows etc.

    what about a paint/craft table did this for my sons 6th birthday was a blast.
    gave each kid a canvas from the reject shop and let them loose with some paints glue glitter feathers etc.
    just covered a table in an el cheapo table cloth the plastic kind.
    was a blast lasted a good hour for that one and they could come back to it

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    May 2007
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    I was also going to sy that kids that age tend to want to run wild! A jumping castle would be ideal too. We just went to a 1st bday party with a mixture of kids and it was a hit. The littler ones were happy playing with the toys that were alvailable at the house while the bigger ones went nuts, then the little ones got a go on the castle too when the bigger ones had a break. No one got injured which i was suprised about considering the maajority were boys on sugar highs!

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    Nov 2009
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    Think We''ll stick with pass the parcel and running wild

    Thanks ladies

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    Jul 2009
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    Ohhh hun with DD1's 2nd birthday in 2 wks i was wondering the same, i have decided no SET games BUT i just picked up a 10m role of butchers paper from the reject shop for $4 and woolworths had little packets of pencils for 50c a while back SOOOO i am going to role it out on the ground and if they want to draw etc they can... you could keep it as a 'mural' of works from his friends/relatives on his birthday.
    I have a spare canvas here, i was almost thinking of getting hand print of all the kids that come, writing their name next to it and letting them plop some paint down too... hehe

    If you don't have any pick up some cheap balls (tennis balls, bouncy balls) and just let them run wild with balls, bikes and toys!

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    Jan 2007

    I know you have decided to let them run about but throwing some kids music on and musical chairs is fun ( with little ones you could have enough chairs for everyone so they don't "lose") and the winner is the fastest.
    Pin the tail on the animal
    Pass the parcel
    I agree with craft! Glue, glitter, pom poms, buttons, kinder squares cut out in many shapes and sizes are great.

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    Nov 2008

    We did the butcher's paper with crayons and it was a huge hit. Other than that the kids just ran around makig their own fun

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    Aug 2010
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    im in the mist of planing my sons 5th birthday, i thought of what my kids love, and decided on bubbles! they have a bubble blower, and ive got quiet a few giant bubble wands, so putting some buckets out with bubble solution hoping that kills some time! ive also got enough minature bottles of bubbles to go in each party bag, just hope the mums dont want to kill me for it!! ive also decided in 2 pull string pinatas, just based on the number of kids we are expecting. ife every one shows up 23 kids, only 6 who arnt related (lucky i only decided on family with kids his age that we get along with!! what am i getting into???!!!)
    hope that helps! he did want captain mack based party, but mummy just dosent have the creativity for more then the outfit and cake!!

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    Jul 2009
    Out North, Vic

    We have also added bubbles after DD got some from her friend pasrty last w/end and went nuts so just the little packets, but otherwise were using all toys she has already plus the butchers paper.