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Thread: Makka Pakka Cake ... How to make this "In the Night Garden" character ??

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    Question Makka Pakka Cake ... How to make this "In the Night Garden" character ??

    Hi all,

    Well, i have decided an Upsy Daisy cake for my DD's 3rd birthday is just gonna be either too fiddly to make or take too long to make ... OR maybe i just don't have the patience

    Anyway, i was thinking surely a Makka Pakka character cake would be easier to make (?) ... I saw a photo of a homemade cake where it's just Makka Pakka's head ... his ' ears ' were a layer of what looked like 1 x buttersnap biscuit & 1 x cinnamon donut & 1 x chocolate ripple biscuit was attached to a round cake with beige butter icing !!

    What do you think of that idea of making Makka Pakka ears out of the biscuits ???

    How would i make these Biscuits/Donut stick together ???

    How would i make the icing to be of a beige colour because it obviously can't be coffee with the kiddies ???

    Any ideas on how i can make his eyes, nose and mouth ???

    Would so appreciate any suggestions &/or ideas

    Thanks in advance for any kind replies

    Cheers from Lorelle & lil Cendrine xox

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    smiles4u Guest


    Oh, ... 24 hits ... and no suggestions yet ... Pretty please must be some Makka Pakka ideas out there

    ... I forgot to ask before what flavour cake should i make ?

    I was thinking caramel cake ... with maybe caramel butter icing - BUT does anyone know how to make caramel cake or suggest what brand of packet cake mix ??

    And how to make caramel butter icing ??

    HELP please my lovely BB ladies

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    to stick the ears and the bit on his head - either use the buttercream icing or make up some royal icing to stick them together - the buttercream should be enough, the royal will set like glue so they wont come off.
    Im not sure what it is exactly but I've seen cakes with what lookes like roasted, shredded coconut on top, its about the same colour as makka pakka, and I reckon it would look good.
    I have got a butter cream icing recipe at home in my Womens Weekly kids cake book I will dig out for you tonight - I just hope I've unpacked that one from the box! As for the caramel flavouring Im not sure, but if you cant get it, I reckon vanilla would be nice.

    Not sure about the cake itself, I normally just buy a packet sponge and freeze it - makes the cutting/shaping a lot easier - and put all the flavour in to the icing.

    Im trying to remember what his eyes and nose etc look like. Lollies normally work well, licorice, choc buttons etc.

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    smiles4u Guest


    Oh Rayray i would just love the butter cream recipe (when ever you get the chance to find it )

    Let me know if you have any tips when making it

    (Will PM you too)

    Cheers, .. Lorelle xox

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    Oh wow, make sure you post a pic on here when you've done it. It sounds great!
    As you can see from my avvy DD loves Makka Pakka. . . .Mikka Makka Moo. . oh I'm losing it

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    smiles4u Guest


    Hey Spice ... i can do one better than a pic here if you PM your postal address i will post you a couple of photo's ... one of the cake & one of the birthday girl as i'm hoping to dress her up as Upsy daisy

    (P.S - might be awhile as her birthday is in May )

    Cheers from Lorelle & Cendrine (lil Miss C) xox

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