thread: The benefits of cloth diapers!

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    Nov 2008

    Wink The benefits of cloth diapers!

    So my fiance and I made a big choice. We decided to use cloth diapers. We are going to go with the Bumkins All-in-one brand. I am very excited about this, but nervous at the same time. A lot of people have already criticized about how I am making a stupid decision. I just feel it has a lot of benefits to it. I have nothing against people who use disposables in fact i think it is quite convenient. Yet, on the other hand there are so many benefits to using cloth diapers. Not only is it eco-friendly it is better for the babies bum.

    So basically I am wondering if any one could give me some tips on how to use these things. How did it work for you?

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    Feb 2004

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    Apr 2009

    I can't tell you about Bumkins- I don't use them.

    I don't think it's fair that people are telling you that it's a stupid decision. I find that sad
    People that are usually negative about things- are usually reflecting on their own lives- so Don't let them get to you too much

    On Cloth itself- I am a massive fan of Both Flat's and MCN's- for the MCN- I use Haute- Itti- Bumgenius- Cushie Tushie & Pea Pod's.

    I have 3 kids- and my 1st 2 were in nappies together- as I only had them 11 months apart- I only WISH i had them both in Cloth for a longer time.

    Jazmyn is my only one in Nappies- & I love the whole "thing" about cloth- I love the washing, I Love the Look, I love everything that goes with them- They work out great in every way.
    Sometimes I need a break- after 2 months of using them straight- So I do buy the smallest pack of Sposies I can find- so it gives me a week off-

    I think you've made an awesome decision & That you will highly enjoy it

    They are easy to use, heaps easy to wash, just easy to look after - They fit perfect in a normal Nappy stacker.
    Same as a Sposie- only HEAPS more exciting! haha(not that I'm against disposables either- just prefer cloth)
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    i started on cloth about 3 months a go and soooo wouldnt look back every time i put one in the washing machine i say to mys elf that .47 cents i saved and is tarted working out how much im saving average weekly and ive started a direct debt on my account to save that money. So we will see in time how much of a saving it is. we use magicals and think their the best for my sons bum shape and legs and they last ages no rash we bought some bbh bamboo one size fits all and we have had loads of trouble with nappy rash with them even when changing every 2 hours. but all in all still very happy with the choice to go to cloth. good luck.

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    I definitely won't say anything negative about cloth (for obvious reasons - I use it!) but just wanted to warn you about stocking up too much on the one brand. Not all nappies suit every baby, so you might find yourself with all these nappies that just don't suit your child.

    And I haven't had any experience with them at all, so can't offer any advice about what they are like.

    Maybe buy one - wait till bubs is here, try them on, make you like them, and then buy more. Babies change shape too during their life, so thats another thing to remember too

    Good on you for making the decision to go cloth though

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    Jan 2008

    agreed mel, i wish i didnt have so many bbh bamboo all in ones ild rather the magicals anyday but hey thats what i got about 14 of them and about 16-18 magicals 1 pea pod dont like this one and about 5-6 othere cheap home made style ones.