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thread: Cloth Nappies # 169

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    Nov 2007

    lol Maz, it really does go to your head after you haven't touched it for a while.
    I had half a glass of wine the other night and I was half tanked.

    SO looks like I need to convert to side snapping nappies with narrow crotch.
    These seem to just be the best for Elise.
    DFM's fit her so nicely, they pretty much are the perfect fit, I have 7 now, soon to be more, but what else is there.
    I have an Auriel from the new customer stocking in the mail. Check CK blog if you want to check them out, Laura is my order.

    What else is there?
    I'm after fitted and aio, ai2's

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    Mar 2007

    Hello Beautiful Ladies!!!

    Em is still in the NBC sposies, but DH is doing what he can try and fully get rid of those blisters from Em. I asked Sarah tonight what she prefers, cloth of disposable an she said 'Clof!!' So she is quite certain in what she likes.

    All the NB/Small stuff has had 1 prewash!! DH will do another 1 and then we will start packing my suitcase for hospital. I get the feeling that with my pelvis they will be wanting me to stay in for a few days, so they can do Xrays and all the other physio things that they will need to do. And considering they want Miss L out as soon as it is safe for her, she may need to have a little bit of monitoring. Hard to believe that depending on what the OB says, Leah will be here in about 7 weeks.

    I have to agree with Maz and Gigi - Mama Pads ROCK!!! I am nowhere near as sweaty and smelly as I was with Em (One of the nasty symptoms of the SPD is a slight leak) and I don't find I get itchy as easily.

    Maz - The nappies will still get used, are there plans to head down in week or 2? If you need to you could post them too.

    Eej - If I can click your name I will find you, otherwise I am on Maz's friends and fans pages, and my profile pic is Sarah in a playground tunnel.

    Please dont think that I am being mean if I say about DH doing the washing - Necessity is the creator of a house husband. I do have to remind him multiple times a day of what needs to be done.

    WOEB: NBC Sposie
    WOSB: Whichever CT she pulled out of the drawer before DH put her to bed.

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    Jul 2007
    Dapto, Illawarra...NSW

    Oh NO Maz....hope you didn't bleed on the fluff!!!

    WOJB.....Aldie's sposie, I don't have any night fluffies yet.
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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Hi gals, trying to wean myself off BB and cloth as Ari is ready to toilet train, now her mummy needs to get ready :-)

    Ali - good to hear you are home! So bubba name is Leah? Love that. How exciting that her birthday is getting close!

    Another one here who loves mama pads and cups! Will never use anything else.

    Nappy related, all going well - I have lost my GF nappy - AGAIN! Grr I love my auriel but am finding it just the tiniest bit too narrow/small - maybe I hae have a bg bottomed girl :-)

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    cuts not deep girls...will live thanks for thinking of me ...still hav eno feleingin my thumb and I did that 4 weeks ago now

    ll80 - we are converting over to side snappers to..jsut seem to fit my little tank so well

    Saram - have you sent of the auriel yet hon? narrow in the crotch...im gonna have to check tomorrow now. We weighed Mateauz tonight...13.1kg .... he's a tank and a half

    Ali - 7 weeks shiat were has the time gone.....here i go getting clucky again!!!!!

    ok off ot bed.....ive jsut finsihed my second can of scotch and cola....nioce and fell all nice and fuzzy in tghe head...hmmm nioce speicla unusual

    Night John boy

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    Dec 2007
    Adelaide, SA

    Hi ladies,
    I have popped in here now and then but have finally taken the mcn plunge. Lachlan gets a rash from sposies, not a nappy rash but a rash up around the tab area, one particular brand he broke out really bad, looked like he had been bitten, but once i changed him and put a mcn on the rash settled right down , so decision made for us.
    I brought a stack of baby beehinds at the baby expo and got them for $15 each, so i was happy with that. I also have some pea pods now and some of Mazs wonderful covers and a licious lullabies on the way.
    I still dont have quite enough to last me two full days, any suggestions on some good nappies to go for.

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    Jan 2008

    Maz!!!!!! the baby zebra medium licious lullabies fits barge bum Jack!!!!!! and the extra 'booster' worked a treat!!!!! except this morning when i got up he was playing in his cot...and he had christened the beautiful fluff!!!!

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    i have converted someone!!!!

    she won't be having kids for at least 10 years (better not, she's only 8!) but she is in LOVE with Gremlins nappies!

    my little niece stayed the night last night and helped me hang out the latest lot of pre-washing (DH washed, bought the basket to the airer, her and i sat and hung them up) and she is in love. i have never heard someone that wasn't already obsessed with MCN saying "ooooooh, they're so soft, oooh i want them" so i think it will take nothing at all to convince her to use cloth when she has kidlets later in life!

    off to go shopping this morning - pick up some baby stuff, may layby some wraps and flanny flats if i can be bothered walking to that part of the shop. my pelvis is aching sooooo badly all i want to do is NOT walk! bloody kid - i think she is trying to force her way out a little at a time - 8 more days and she can be born local, no emergency trips to melbourne - so if she wants out now, i'm tying my damn knees together! very uncomfy but loving the movement and stuff at the moment...

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Well done BG! (on the conversion)! LOL on the tying legs together

    Well yesterday's trip to thee country got us lost, and the property was on the top of a hill without mains power or water (we expected the water but not the power) and its actually surrounded by pine plantations and has no neighbours. So it's a no-go. But we enjoyed our drive and bike ride

    Hoping for a nice hot day to dry the nappies, can really see where the sun has moved in the past couple of weeks, quite sad

    WoHB - BBH with IV organic cover.

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    Oct 2007
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    Well i tried the cover last night and it helped heaps... It fits well everywhere else (she needs the high rise cos she tends to leak from top of the back,.... so it seems to be just the legs... even sposies she would leak from round there which is why i used huggies but they had too much around the legs and it would cut into her. Would LOVE to get more Maz covers.... as i hadnt known about these gorgeous covers i have been only using ones i could buy from the shops and they arent great. Everyone thinks i'm Mad for going cloth but i honestly dont see the huge deal... Do u all get irritated by others negativity... DP thinks its great... and DD's butt has been thanking us for the change... No nappy rash with only 2 days of no sposie at night...

    WOTB... flat and maz butterfly cover. (DD's Fav Cover)

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    Dec 2006

    jess - was that a maz night nappy that you tried the cover with? are covers only an option with these nappies and not a necessity?
    I also get irritated by others negativity towards cloth, I just try to block it out now

    BG - thats so cute about your newest cloth convert

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    Sep 2007

    Time for a new thread HERE

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