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thread: Cloth Nappies #173.

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    wot i tried to post 20 hours ago, cut n paste job

    sounds like you're going really well SammiH

    wotbb (wot's on the bilby butt): blueberry trainer for nights (other people use them as a day trainer, depends how much your child wets overnight).

    MAZ - i never used AI2 more than once either, i know you technically CAN (like LImey does), but truth be told, we had enough MCN not to need to do it, always had plenty others to put on her - oh ok, i never counted how many mcn we had, cos i knew it would be an embarrassing number! all the times you lot would say how many mcn you had, i would keep quiet :red face: didn't want to have to count them.

    SYDNEY GIRLS: nurture nappies is also looking for helpers at the baby expo - you lucky things! look on their website homepage.

    my bestie, after two years of watching me mcn bilbs, and saying "i dont wanna use mcn", has now decided, to mcn her five month old 6kg bub. i can't believe it! she came around to it in her own time. She loves the minky on the mazalicious breastpads, so is thinking about minky pockets and ai2's. (but i think she will be changing her mind about PUL when she sees COWPRINT pul ha ha).

    So any ideas on minky pockets girls? she doesn't want aplix closures. Any opinions on the bbh minky magicalls (newest version) for a 6kg girl bub? is the pocket a good size for putting in bamboo trifolds? or foldups?

    what is a cushie tushie couture like on a 6kg bub?

    i would ideally like to find her some minky pockets that are 7 - 16kg type sizing, but those are hard to find. she's quite interested in side snappers too, but i suggested she try some of both front and side snapping types, until she works out which suits bubs best.

    has anyone got any of the following to sell 2nd hand?

    * minky daddledoo ai2 side snapper in size 2 (maybe size 1 too)
    * minky blueberry pocket in medium
    * minky magicall bbh (newest version that has pocket) in medium
    * starbunz pocket or aio in large (esp cow)
    * medium ecobubs esp the swirly print
    * berry plush ai2 in medium
    * dragonflymagik minky ai2 in size 2
    * cute tooshies minky ai2
    * whizz kidz cuddlefleece ai2
    * cowprint pockets/ai2's, minky or PUL, side or front snapping

    or anything else you might think would fit the bill? i'm a tad excited to help her "find the fluffy appreciator within!!". i want to help her experiment with brands cheaply at first, before she buys what she needs, at full price. Once she has a Little Squirt installed and all the infrastructure set up, so it will be smooth sailing for her. i don't want her to try mcn half prepared and then give up cos it's all too hard (esp with two in nappies).

    Maz, didn't MY MY MY used to make side snap minky pockets? i cna't find those now.

    i have never pushed my mcn ideas on her, so i'm interested that out of my mum's group, the two mums i have kept in touch with, both want to use mcn with their second children (one has nb five months old, the other is 7 months preg).

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    hey good looking
    our childcare nappies were:
    medium swaddlebees PUL pockets (organic velour inners)
    baby beehinds wetbag
    flushable tots bots or bummi liner, laid inside each nappy
    i taught childcare to pick up liner and flush it down the loo (for poo nappies)

    bilby tt-d not long after moving up into size larges. sigh.

    i got "workhorses", worked well, not glam. i didn't want any of our spesh nappies to go missing, so didn't take the chance.

    childcare want to know about any allergies your child has. Bilby gets rashes from sposies and sposie wipes, so they were fine about it. Not thrilled, but ok.

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    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Jess - I have enough nappies for a week without washing. But I still buy them when I see cute ones I like!

    Maz - it's not me, a) I haven't o'd b) i haven't bonked.

    Can't believe it, DH want us to go on a strict budget. So he bought sposies. ARGHHHHH.

    And Pip asked to go "toilet" and did a poo ... omg.

    Last night's BBH with PUL lasted all night ... ahhhh.

    WoHB - snoozywun.

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    wtg pip!


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    fluffy mail!

    Got my new daddledoo nappy with matching singlet

    HGL - I got the same one as you have in your pics on FB - the bright pink one? just wanted to know, do you wash it seperately in case the colour runs?
    Didnt run for me Kel-I LOVE my DD... thinking of getting a 2nd one.

    Another pop-in fan here also... have 1 and there great... work well for nights too...

    Well hopefully today i get to try out the new Lou Lou...

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    gigi , the bbh magic alls are great , gabs was in a small when she was 6 kgs and she was about 6mths old , 7 nths wen she could no longer wear them , you can stuff them quite a bit i out a bbh fold uo in there when its nap time so the boosting goes all the way to the edge , the M fits great on gabs and she is 8 mths and not 8 kgs yet so they will fit her fages!!!

    went camping and took sposies, we wanted to cloth it but our car wouldnt fit a bucket in it , dh chose to take a mercedes sports coupe camping, so the kids were up to their eye balls with campig gear atound their heads!!

    why take a car like that camping??? he got it for the weekend from work .. so it was free fuel , couldnt complain about that .. we looked like tossers when we rocked up ... how i wished we had a dirty old 4wd for the weekend

    my other clothie friend took sposies too .. had heaps of blow outs with poo .. not fun .. and now gabs has a rash from wearing them so often

    I have to go to the sleep school for the whole week , luckily they supply cloth nappies , just flats but still .. and i will just take a few sposies for over night ...

    i wanted to take my new ittis .. but i want to keep them safe .... how great are the LE prints ... i got one in each coulor ... love them !!!

    bye for the week .. please dont forget about me ... i'll be on the iphone but i will be bust so i prolly wont post ..


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    Jan 2008

    thinking of you Lea

    hmmmm i have my lou lous in the dryer as we speak...just a last second burst through the dryer....some bits were NOT fully dry and we need these nappies as nanny is not good with [email protected]!!!!!
    GF will be dry by tonight for tomorrows usage....

    WOJB ~ BBH / M-A-L cowboy cover

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    OMG i got fluffy mail Maz i Luv u... These covers and NN are gorgeous... i so wasnt expecting anything today... U have made my day hun... all washing now... and The cow print... OMG Nicer minkee then the IB moo i got... Now i can do 2 moo changes for 1 set of BL... YAY... Thank you, thank you, thank you....

    Fluff- Yeah my Lou Lou isnt dry no dryer either but its ok... using a flat and gorgeous Maz cover i got from Caddies store... (what a great find... Love it)

    Lea- GL for sleep school... we will Miss u... :hugs:

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    Dec 2005

    All of a sudden, it seems like I dont have nearly as many nappies as I used to for the big boys - but its the same stash as always - anyone else have this?

    Maybe Ive slacked off on my washing or the boys are needing more nappy changes all of a sudden........really weird though lol

    Dh commented on his frustration with it last night - wonder if I could get away with investing in a few more nappies for them

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    Anna - maybe there is a nappy thief cos I don't seem to have half as many as I used to either...

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    WTG Gigi on getting your friends onto MCN hon....I would have loved tohave seen your stash in its hey day ....Unfortuneately I dont have any Second hand nappies in M or OSFA

    Kaz - Woo hoo for pip going potty...I dread the day Mateauz is potty trained I think I will cry. Its hard enough with Vy not in nappies throught the day anymore....atleast we get a night time fix

    HGL - glad you happy hon

    Kat - fluff - hehehehe

    WHo was talking about pop ins??? Gotta say theone that I got from Kitt3n is fab although Mateauz wet it out within 30mins so have left it in the car as an emergency nappy. I can get over the snaps used on it........oh and there was one thing that worried me about them, how the hell do they go when they are full of poo? Cause of the flap over bits front and back thats all...does the pooh get caught in there at all?

    We got themost gorgeous set from Twins in cloth yesterday...Thomas the tank pants and applicated t-shirt...OMG they are gorgoeus and have been put away for Vyolett's birthday. I know that Julie has bought osme hungry caterpillar fabric laterly too so watch her store to see what she comes up with she is one talented woman!!!!

    Better go tuck my bb's into a pair of trackies and wipes some green snot infested noses...no playgroup for us today

    WOMB - Orange delish
    WOVB - MY little pony knickers

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    Woo Hoo - Fluffy mail for us!! My much needed/awaited BBH bamboo's, hemp, fold-ups, covers,... Of course it's bucketing down here so they will have to undergo the dryer treatment - which seems to take AGES on delicates but ah well.

    Ummmm . . it'll come to me in a minute . . . Gigi, that's it - For your Friend: DD is teensy bit under 6kg and 5mnths, I love the Coutures for her. I keep thinking, they're not that tight on her legs so they will leak, but they haven't - But I usually fold them down to reduce the leg hole even though says only have to do that for babies 5kg and under. I could not see them fitting adequeately on a brand new little newborn though.
    Don't have a Magicall Minkee, but have the Aplix PUL and it fits her beautifully!! And no leaks. Would get more, but too stingee to buy much in sized systems.
    Love the way BBH fitteds fit - so adjustable - but they fitteds so don't know if your friend interested. HTH.

    Ohh, I wish everyone would stop talking about Itty Bitti's, I really feel the urge to buy some, but I know I probably shouldn't.

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people


    Did someone fart or something cause its terribly quiet so unlike us

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    Fluffy mail! Just one, the CT pink camo second. Its quite good just a few markings on the minkee, kind of like the colours have run.

    Other nappy news Emily wore the Mini LaLa for the first time today. (pic on FB) It looked just so gorgeous but..... it leaked!!!!!! I went to put her back in the car after playgroup and she was all wet! I'm very dissapointed. The fit looked good so I'm not sure what happened.

    Lea- Just said it on FB but will say here as well good luck with sleep school!

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    Hey, does someone want to PM me the links to some of the newer 'of the moment' nappies? Purely because I'm too lazy to google, so this is a job for someone who is procrastinating probably.

    WOTB's: Si's in a sposie, Riv's in a D'lish.

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    Ever so slowly going crazy...


    Did someone fart or something cause its terribly quiet so unlike us
    I'm very busy today.. stressing!!!! Can some of you lovlies help me on my other thread, if you can??? I need lots of input, good and bad!!!


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    Well I made it to Spotlight with 2 out of 3 kids - and made it out again with 2m of fleece for liners (Thomas the Engine and Spiderman) and 2 cranky children screaming for naps/food.

    But omg it made me so wish I could sew, there are some awesome fabric choices you could make clothes etc out of.

    Now just trying to decided how Im going to increase the boys stash of nappies - extra Itti boosters w/ reusing shells, BBH magicalls or something else............

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    Jan 2008
    In a land of bubbles and trouble

    hahahaha -is that the reason I have been able to keep up being a newbie cos it is so quiet

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