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Thread: Cloth Nappies, Help I'm a clueless first time mum to be!

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    Default Cloth Nappies, Help I'm a clueless first time mum to be!

    Hi everyone,

    Basically I assumed we would just use disposables due to convenience.
    But I heard that a newborn needs a nappy change approx 10 - 12 times a day, that's a huge dent on the planet and the pocket, from the prices i've seen around it will be approx $50 a week for disposables.
    Can you please give me some advice on cloth nappies, I don't even know where to start, how do they work these days?
    I'm assuming it would be most cost effective to buy cloth nappies that fit newborn through to toddler if they are even available?
    Are they alot more cost effective than disposables?
    Most importantly can you please recommend a good brand that fit well and have good absorbency?

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    My bub is just over 3 months and of average weight and she is only just now starting to fit into the multi-size nappies and they still look really big on her. When they are newborn, i reckon it is easier to use fitteds (newborn size nappies) or prefolds or flats, and then go to the multi-size ones bit later.

    They are definitely more cost effective. You also have a choice whether you want a budget stash, a rolls royce stash or somewhere in the middle. I have bought a lot secondhand, which has allowed me to trial a number of brands and cut down the costs.

    There is heaps of info in the cloth nappy section on bellybelly. Have a look at the cloth nappy chatter thread. For absorbency, i like nappies with bamboo material. My fav brands are greenkids and baby beehinds, i want to try itti bittis too.

    For a newborn i like maz-a-licious prefolds, and i made my own prefolds. baby beehind PUL covers, motherease rikki PUL covers, bambino mio PUL covers and maz-a-licious fleece covers. Fitted nappies- kissaluvs, sandy's, swaddlebees

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    This is a great thread for figuring out what's what.
    and this is the glossary thread to help you decipher the language

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