thread: DD is 1, is it worth starting with MCN's

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    DD is 1, is it worth starting with MCN's

    Ok so DD turned one earlier this month. When she was born I considered using MCN's but then got lazy and was too worried about leakage. Now she's one and I'm thinking about it again, but I don't know if it's worth it considering she could be starting to TT in 6 months to a years time.
    Also, I work full time and she's in care 5 days a week (4 days at FDC and 1 day with my best friend).

    Ideally if I were to start now I'd want one size fits all, AIO's in unisex colours so I can use them if I have another bub.

    But have I left it too late with DD?

    How often does leakage happen for this age?

    How many would I need if I were to go to full time, keeping in mind that as I mentioned I work full time so don't get a lot of time to do washing, though I wouldn't want the smell.
    What is the longest I could leave it before washing? If I can only wash weekly (eg: weekends), should I soak the nappies to help mask the smell? If yes, what to I soak them in? Just warm water and nappysan? Would I need to keep changing the water every day?

    Sorry, so many questions

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    Currently we are using half and half (spossies and cloth) and only had one leak from the cloth (and it was a new one i hadnt pre washed to allow absorbancy, so my fault). and we have had numerous leaks (especially middle of the night ) with the disposables.

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    Actually, that's another question. With the sposies we are using, we don't change DD overnight. She has a bath between 7-8pm and gets a new nappy then when she gets her PJ's on, and then doesn't have a nappy change again until about 7am. Can I do that with cloth?

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    It's definitely not too late to start! I didnt start till DD was about 11 months. Like Salsa, I've prob had more leaks with sposies than with the cloth nappies.

    You can buy specific night time nappies which will allow for that.. alot of the daytime AIO's wouldnt last overnight (someone correct me if I am wrong cause I am still a newbie)

    We use them pretty much full time (occasionally use sposies if they dont dry in time), and I probably have about 20, but there are others that have way more than me. and I wash every 2nd day usually. I dont think you could wash once a week, the stink would get too much, and I think I may have read somewhere that you shouldnt leave them for more than 3 days

    I'm also pretty sure that nappisan is a no-no for cloth - I just use my little squirt to rinse poo nappies, and then chuck them in a bucket with no water. Wet nappies just go straight in the bucket


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    Back in the day before MCN were called MCN`s, we left our DS in them over night and they were fine. From memory we didnt get many leaks in the couple of years that we used them. We did however have to bulk up the liners though for a while...and anyhow MCN have improved since those kind anyhow.

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    Danni - I've got a pocket nappy with hemp booster & I reckon it would do over night with one. I haven't tried it yet, but I do have 2 hemp boosters as well as some micro fiber inserts, so when I start using MCN's over night I'll just double up.
    I'm only using terry flats over night atm. With a booster, or insert for extra. Leakage isn't too bad. This morning was the first time his body suit got wet & thats only coz he slept in.
    Even though she may start TT in the next 6 months or so, neither of my girls went without nappies through the day til they were 2.5 - 3 & Bri is still in night nappies at nearly 4. So you should be able to use them for a while.
    I'm not planning more bub's, but still think it was worth the change. They are great.

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    I didn't start until DD was about 14m, and I couldn't be happier with the decision to switch. Remember, many kids don't TT until between 2.5 -3yrs.
    I am only now starting on night time nappies - we have still been using sposies. It was nice to ease myself into the night thing once I was comfortable with days.
    I think the amount of leaks you get would also depend on how much of a heavy wetter you have. I have never had a leak from cloth except for one time when I ran out of sposies for night and had to use a daytime-absorbency one overnight. Even then, it didn't soak anything - just made things a little damp.

    If you leave nappies longer than a couple of days the ammonia in the wee can do bad things to them. I'm not sure if you could leave them to soak in plain water for longer but someone more experienced is sure to know. None of the manufacturers recommend that though.

    Perhaps you could get a few to try and use them over the weekend until you are sure you want to switch. I built mine up gradually instead of buying heaps at once because I had no idea what I was doing really. It's so much easier than I expected and I am loving it.

    Anyway, I say 'go for it!'. It's absolutely not too late!