thread: Do you ever use disposables?

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    Oct 2008

    Do you ever use disposables?

    I'm thinking about using MCNs for my first baby, due in August. Most likely use AIOs as they seem easier. It's all very new & confusing to me!! I was wondering if people generally use cloth nappies all the time or are there certain situations where you still use a disposable?
    For instance did you put cloth nappies onto your newborn or did you use disposable til they got bigger? I'm concerned MCNs might be too big in the legs for a newborn.
    Do you use disposable for going out? For night time use?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Apr 2008

    I am not a mcn user but alot of my friends that are used disposables the first month because newborns poo so much and they were just to exhausted adjusting to everything that washing nappies just wasnt on the priority list. Once they got into the swing of things they used mcn's.

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    Jan 2005
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    I use disposables when I have to. I believe they have a place but I don't like to use them on a permanent or long term as the chemical crystal things worry me.

    ATM I am sick and having 4 kids I have washing up to the ceiling LOL so I have bought the first packet since Ruby was 4 weeks old. Would you believe me if I told you that she had the hugest blow out yesterday at MIL's place wearing a huggies. I swear every time I put my kids in on there is a blow out.

    In my experience it doesn't make life much easier and yesterday confirmed that. When you're going out then that is the time when you don't want a blow out. Same with bed time too. The turning point for me going to cloth full time was when Caleb was a baby and having to change his bed and give him a bath in the middle of the night due to a leaking sposie and a bed full of poo.

    I totally get that for a new mum trying to adjust to everything is a reason to go the sposie for a few weeks but in my experience it created just as much work and no less stress

    There are newborn MCN's in AIO and fitted. Fitteds are probably better than AIO's for pootainment as then you have the cover to help keep it in also. I used bubblebubs AIO's and kissaluv and very baby fitteds as well as prefolds and good old fashioned flanny squares.
    Start prowling about on buyforbaby for some good second hand ones. Watching there too is also good because you get a feel for how much things sell for so when you go shopping for new ones you get an idea of what you can sell them off for when your bub has grown out of them.

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    Oct 2007
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    I still use disposables at night, and when DD has a rash so that I can put zinc based cream on. I know you can use a liner in an MCN for creams, but I just find it easier for the short term to use a disposable.

    Like Raven, I also worry about the crystals, so try not to use them too much these days. I'm even working my way into night nappies for this reason, but that has been a slow process for us. DD seems to sleep better in a disposable.

    I didn't know about MCN when DD was born, but I love them so much now that I'll be trying everything I can get my hands on to make sure #2 is in cloth from birth.

    To me, it's kind of like paper plates vs. china - sometimes it's just convenient.

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    Sep 2007

    I started in cloth from the day DS came home from hospital, but use sposies from time to time. Mostly when he has a rash that just won't shift in cloth (even with liners), or if we are away from home for more than a few days and cloth is just not viable, although I have travelled with cloth a number of times and it's pretty easy as long as they can be dried if the weather is wet. For a few months we used them at night because for some unknown reason he was waking constantly in cloth, but sleeping through in sposies. He's back in cloth overnight now.

    I only use the nature babycare sposies which is a good trade-off for me in terms of environmental and health benefits, apart from anything, DS reacts to other disposables. They are also expensive enough that I only use them if I need to. But I am finding that I am having to use them more frequently at present, as DS is rashing up constantly in cloth, no matter what I try. I suspect that it is the humidity here perhaps.

    I used to get constant blowouts in sposies too, but now I just put a cover over the top and haven't had a blowout since.

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    Sep 2005
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    The hossy where I went used terry flats - I sucked at putting them on and so did DH, he turned up on the second day with a suitcase full of Nates MCNs (all his own thought lol). So he's been in them since day 2. Admittedly he's no lightweight, but he's just long. He still has skinny legs.
    I had Darcy in them from 8 months and we never used a sposie after that. We travel heaps (we live 600km form our families) and I have never found it an issue.

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    Mar 2007

    They do have their place in our house, Mainly when Em has gotten hold of some dairy of gastro is doing the rounds. I use them I have to, but I use the nature baby care ones so they don't have the crystals.

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    they def have their place , foe me its when it raining non stop for a few days , i try and get away with cloth , but atm the rain is so bad i have about 5 loads of washing and then doing half loads in the dryer (so , 10 loads ) plus i have a full to the brim nappy bucket . so its sposies for day or 2 till im on top of it all.
    and huggies and baby love alwyas gives up blow outs too !!!

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    Jun 2008

    I used only cloth. I started with flanny flats and a mother ease rikki cover. These worked wonderful and we NEVER had a leak until he was about 6 months old.
    When he was 3 weeks we went into ittis and Bum genius one size. Over the next month we started on other smalls like bubblebubs which were a wonderful fit.
    Now he used sposies to go to daddies house, which is only every 2nd weekend. I don't like the thought of sending my MCN up there incase they get lost or something so I brought a big pack of babylove and gave them to Dave to use.
    Even the tar poo didn't stain the nappies, his first nappy in the hospy was a orange itti dlish.

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    Oct 2006

    We use sposies at night and on the two days/week that she's at CC. (I dont trust them with my nappies, LOL!)
    I'll probably have the both of my kids in a mixture of sposies and cloth once bubs arrives - it will depend on how regularly I get the washing done.

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    Nov 2006
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    laa has never used a sposie and i have no intention to ever put her in one. i cant see why i ever would, only because i have managed to build up a nice big stash.

    my mum survived with 24 terry flats the whole time i was a baby and never put a sposie on me, so if she could manage that i sure can manage with MCN! kinda a challenge no to be out done

    but you have to remember its each to their own and you have to do what works for you

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    May 2008

    I'd been wondering the same thing, i have my stash of cloth nappies but so far have been using disposables as i look at them and just can't imagine them fitting my DS2. He's 5 weeks tomorrow so maybe i could begin to give them a go, he's still very little though.

    Truthfully i'm a bit confused at where to begin with them so i keep putting it off. I have 1/2 a box of newborn nappies left so once they are gone i'm not buying anymore.

    I went out and bought all the cloth nappies so i want to use them. But it would have driven me crazy having used them any earlier as i can change 3 nappies during one awake/feed cycle. I suppose that's where the liners come in handy...

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    May 2007
    Newcastle NSW

    I had ds in spossies till he was 10days old then put him in cloth. It was easier for me while i was getting used to being a mum the first few days. I always have a few spossies on my nappy bag as a back up as i find that cloth take up a fair bit of room and once when we were out i actually ran out of nappies

    I find spossies useful for trips away where its not convienient to wash or take alot of dirty mcn back home to wash.

    Sometimes ds gets a spossie at night if i run out as i only have a couple of night nappies and he like to poop in them minutes after putting them on!

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    Sep 2006
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    I used sposies until Pip was 9 months old when I found cloth. Unfortunately DH got used to sposies and has been hard to xfer to cloth!

    We still use sposies when needed - if DH wants to use them, he has to buy them, I don't budget for them at all. Tonight Pip's in a sposie as I don't have any dry night nappies and I need my sleep.

    We have taken cloth camping (quite good actually) and also sposies, it was just as easy either way TBH.

    hope this helps

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    Jan 2008
    Country Victoria

    We are a cloth only house, DD was in sposies when she was in hospital until 3 months of age, but when she came home we changed her to cloth.

    I do not use any sposies and when I have my next bubba I plan to use cloth from birth, I too hate to think of what chemicals are in sposies.

    The washing does not bother me at all, it doesn't take long, just chucking a load on and I love the hanging time, fresh air, peace and quiet, this is my time ,
    I wash every second day and if it is raining I manage to put them on a clothes horse and they are generally dry by the time I need it for the next load.