thread: Do you have a little squirt?

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    Jan 2008
    Euroa, Victoria

    Do you have a little squirt?

    Just wondering what you do if you don't have one.
    I sometimes use liners, but they are the ones that look like chux and the poo sticks to them and I feel bad throwing them out. (it is illegal to throw poo in the bin??).

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    I know some people use a spoon to scrape it off into the loo - some people just rinse it in the sink.

    I love my little squirt.

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    Oct 2007
    Gold Coast

    I got a LS about a month after starting cloth and I really love it too (though it took some practise to get the angle right to not get splashback - ewww, LOL) Before that, I was taking them outside and shooting them with the garden hose on a weedy part of the garden!

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    Dec 2006

    my DH bought the parts to make one himself from Bunnings, it cost about $20 all up! So much easier than having to scrape poo!

    I think you'll find that most councils have laws about not throwing poo in the bin.. even on Huggies boxes it says to get rid of the waste into the toilet!

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    Oct 2007

    I have a little squirt and love's also good for cleaning the loo after DH has been drinking!!!!

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    rhyb Guest

    I use the garden hose

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    Dec 2007

    I dont have one! Never have, and now that she is doing formed poos for the most part, will never need one

    I got along fine. with NB poos they just got an extra rinse at the start of the wash, or rinsed off on the back yard.
    As she got older I used liners for a while, didnt like them much so stopped. I had a plastic paint scrapper in the laundry and used that if I had to. Still have it next to the toilet.

    you can get flushable liners though, so you just pop them poo and all in the toilet if you dont want to keep using J&Js liners. They are also much cheaper than a LS In fact I am sure that a certain someone stocks a much cheaper version of the LS...check out the sigs in this thread

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    Apr 2008

    Love my Little Squirt! It has had good use for 3 years now and is also extremely handy for rinsing out a potty when you get to the TT stage (and if you use a potty).