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Thread: I want to start using MCN's but don't know where to start!!

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    Red face I want to start using MCN's but don't know where to start!!

    Okay I am wanting to start using MCN's on our next bub due in Sept and also on our DS cause he won't be toilet trained by then (he cries when I even try!!). Will it be worth while on our money pocket with 2 kiddies in MCN's??

    I am hoping to use AIO's that way I can use them on both without having to wait for this bub to grow into them so to speak....Is that possible though??

    So what I was after was basically a list of what I need to get myself started for both kids...

    Also I would love a recommendation on a nappy bag that I can use for both kiddies??

    TIA ladies!! Muchly appreciated.

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    Try the following thread:

    It has most of your questions answered and then some
    good luck!

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    Expect to be overwhelmed - there is a lot of information in that thread to take in all at once.

    Welcome to the wonderful, highly addictive - world of cloth

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    i have started now amelia

    i bought some cushie tushies off arimeh and have out lachlan in one tonight. they are so sweet
    i have gone for one size fits all, dont need covers, come with inserts nappies.

    i know for sure that
    bumgenius and cushie tushies do this and i am sure heaps of other places.....

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    Yes cloth will definitely be worth your money, you can see the figures on the Australian Nappy network site but I think it's about $1000 per year per child.

    If you want to use the same nappies on both kids then go for one size fits all or OSFA/OS nappies, these adjust (usually with snaps) from birth to toilet training.

    It's good to try a range of differnt types and brands, some pockets, some all in ones, some fitteds and covers and see what you like best and what fits your kids best.

    Have fun!!!!

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    Just a quick tip, I have recently bought my first OSFA with snaps and have found they don't work for us because of DD's chubby thighs - the lower rows of snaps rub on them. If your kids are cuddly, and that's the road you want to go, I would recommend only getting one of that kind at first to see if you have the same problem.

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