thread: My Dad's cloth nappy adventures

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    Oct 2006

    Talking My Dad's cloth nappy adventures

    My mum was working yesterday, so my Dad looked after Natalie while I went to the physio. I wasn't thinking and forgot to leave out a pocket for him to change her into, and I was gone a lot longer than I'd expected. Of course, she had a pooey nappy which he generously looked after for me - washed out the liner, mopped up the nappy (what a guy!). When I arrived home, she was asleep in his arms, her shorts we saturated and his t-shirt was too. He said, 'I got one of those purple liners and put it inside one of those nappies from the pile in her cupboard...' I replied, 'Great, Dad. Thanks so much. Sorry you have wee all over you...' and I tried not to laugh as I looked up her shorts and saw he'd only put a fleece cover on her and no nappy (but he remembered to put a liner in!). Bless him. He gave it a go

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    Awww yay Dad!

    That is soooooo sweet! Wee everywhere and a happy baby too.
    I'm impressed he even gave it a try. Onya dad!

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    Jan 2007

    Oh that is soooo cute!!!! WTG dad for having a go - PMSL at the wee on both of them!!

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    Feb 2004

    Aww nice work dad!! At least he tried.

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    Apr 2007
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    WTG dad !!! what a star !! so nice to hear that ..... did you show him for next time ?!!

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    Feb 2006

    how cute!! she obviously wasnt to fased by no nappy!!!

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    Nov 2005
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    WTG dad, its great he had a go

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    Awwww.... that is so gorgeous!

    for Dad's

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    Oct 2004

    Goood on him! How cute

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    Mar 2004

    hehe he's a fantastic granddad. Have you given him a little lesson so he doesn't get peed on next time?

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    Jul 2006

    Thanks so funny, but I agree, what a dad. That is just so sweet.

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    Sep 2006
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    What a wonderful dad / granddad. I think Santa needs to leave him a something extra in his stocking this coming week!

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    Oct 2006

    He he. I know, he's a champ... It was unexpected because he's one of those Grandfathers that gives baby to Grandma as soon as she starts to cry
    I didn't teach him... I'll just be sure to leave a few out ready for next time (if there is a next time, LOL!) as my nappy stash is... um... eclectic and DH is still struggling to get things right

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    Sep 2004
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    YAY Poppy.!! What a good try he did.

    My dad would have no idea when it comes to these MCN's. Flat's I "think" he'd be ok with and sposies he's fine with.

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    Oct 2006

    LOL Trish, I was saying to myself, surely I was in cloth when I was a baby... But then, he probably never changed my nappy PMSL!

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    Sep 2004
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    My DP took off a MCN the other night. He replaced it with a sposie though. LOL. It's a start I guess.

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    Oct 2007

    Way to go Amy's dad!! Thats just so cute!!

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    Dec 2005

    thats so cute ... my dad is a tech man i am sure he would pull it apart and work out how it all works (he does have young kids though) he rolled his eyes when we put T in flats saying what a waste of time it was
    my mum on the other hand looked after T and put a sposie on back to front
    then there was jades mum who decided T was ready to be toilet trained at 15 months when she looked after him for the night ... i came home to a huge pile of wet and pooey pants wet patches n all the chairs and allover the floor and his carseat !